Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Shaurya is furious asking if they donot have their own minds as this is a house but they ask Shaurya to let it go however he says they have done a lot of parties together then asks them to go to the club where he will meet them, Amy shows them the way out, Sandy sits down when Shaurya asks if he knows the problem from which he was saved as he was about to go to jail, Sandy says he would have come back since he was using drugs but those who sell drugs are jailed,

Shaurya asks Sandy what is he talking about when Sandy replies he has found a solution to his problem and what if they make Rajveer a peddler, Shaurya says that Rajveer would never think about doing it when Sandy replies they can do it to him, Shaurya is not able to understand so asks Sandy to say it clearly, Sandy says he is saying what if they prove that Rajveer purchases and sells drugs when Shaurya replies that his life would be destroyed and he would neither be able to go back to his home city and neither leave Mumbai but would be sent to jail while even his relation with Palki would be ruined.

Shaurya says that he wanted to make sure Rajveer and Shanaya are caught together but he was with palki at the same time and his plan ruined so he has gotten a second chance after so long, Sandy asks Shaurya to come so they can end their most dangerous plan.

Gurpreet opens the door but is shocked to see Daljeet standing with the whom of the Luthra family, Daljeet asks if Gurpreet would not ask them to come inside so she even calls Mohit who comes with Rajveer, Daljeet asks Mohit o go and bring the sweets from her house. Rakhi says that she is sorry for coming to her house unannounced when Bani Dadi says what is the need to apologies when she herself says she is like a mother to Rajveer so can do it,

Rajveer mentions that Bani Dadi should actually scold Rakhi she is the only one who has the authority. Karina stops him saying he must first take their blessings which Gurpreet is not able to understand but then Rajveer takes their blessings when Rakhi asks him to hear something important suggesting he should also take the blessings from Gurpreet, Daljeet and Mr Khurana. Gurpreet says they came here suddenly but she is not able to understand the reason, Rakhi explains that Rajveer revealed his feelings on the day of Janamshtri and so Gurpreet says they know it when Rakhi replies even they know it but they had gone to the house of Mr Khurana to fix the marriage of Shaurya and Shanaya but she thought if they should also perform the function of Roka of Rajveer and Palki.

Gurpreet says it is very nice when Karina mentions that her mother said it is a very important day and they came to seek her approval, Bani Dadi tells Gurpreet she knew it would be a yes but has no idea why her daughter and daughter in law is asking this question, Karina questions Rajveer if he likes Palki so he gets nervous when Gurpreet says he is getting nervous when Rakhi explains that she thought about talking to the mother of Rajveer and can finalize it, Gurpreet says that she has gone outside but she is also like the mother of Rajveer and would say that it is a yes from their side, she explains both she and his mother also wanted the same thing and so she is ready for it.

Rakhi exclaims that it is very nice thing so exclaims they should distribute the sweets, Palki hugs Mr Khurana who is smiling. Rajveer meanwhile is also greeting the Luthra family while Shanaya congratulates Palki but seeing her behavior says that she is excited because their marriage has been fixed to the boys with whom they really like.

Mahesh asks Rishab if he has picked his phone when Rishab replies he prays he should never find it when Mahesh says he knows that Rishab has it so takes the phone. Karan returns home and then sits after placing the tiffin when Rishab and Mahesh ask who does the tiffin belong to, Karan says that Rajveer brought it for Shaurya, Mahesh says this means he is trying to befriend Shaurya and is a nice boy but their Shaurya has a lot of attitude, Rishab says like father like son so they both start laughing when karan asks what did it mean by it, asking if he is like that when Rishab replies that both his behavior and that of Shaurya would balance if he comes a little down.

Karan is confused when Rishab says he is going upstairs advising Karan to be prepared as mom is coming back with the sweets, karan does not understand, Mahesh explains he was called back as she went to fix the marriage of Shaurya and Shanaya, karan is stunned when Rishab replies he was waiting for this reaction and says their mother does whatever she desires. Kritika comes running asking Karan to give the contact of the designer who designed the clothes of Diwali, Karan asks what is the need as Diwali has need but Kritika replies that the Roka is about to happen and Kritika Luthra needs a new outfit,

Karan says she must get it when the date of the Roka is fixed, Rishab says that he should not be amazed because their mother has went outside and would come back saying they should get their clothes ready, Mahesh says that karan claimed that he knows his mother but it is not the case as Rishab and Kritika know her but not Karan because she has left the house and would surely come back informing them that she has fixed the proposal so Rishab agrees with him. Karan is stunned mentioning mom can do anything so asks Kritika to call the designer right now as he is very busy.

Priyanka asks palki what is the case since Rajveer does not seem happy, she also notices it when Karina requests Gurpreet to call the mother of Rajveer and if she is near by then they would even meet her, Gurpreet looking at Rjaveer says that she feels it would take her a long time and she is also like his mother, Bani Dadi says they would have also accepted it, Karina explains they found about it in JanMashtri that Shaurya and Shanaya like each other while Rjaveer and palki like each other.

Rajveer asks Shanaya she should think of it again when she assures, palki gets confused wondering what if Rajveer still likes Shanaya. Bani Dadi asks them all to come as they have to make a lot of preparations for the event tomorrow, Rakhi exclaims that tomorrow the Roka of both of their children would happen, bani dadi asks if they should leave and so walks out of the house. Palki is just looking at Rajveer who is tensed but then Shanaya hugs her sister who starts smiling.

In the night Karan is in his room when he gets a call and answers it, he is shocked hearing it and then is not able to bear it so asks if h can get the reports from the lab.

Garesh puts the tea when Karan asks Shaurya to come to his room warning that he should ask Shaurya to come here leaving everything when Garesh requests him to calm down but karan says he is not able to control his son while Garesh is advising him to calm down but should leave so Garesh leaves.

Palki is walking while Priyanka is sitting when palki thinks she might have mis understood and she thought they both would live a happy life when Priyanka says that she is glad Palki understood it after the announcement of Roka but Shaurya really loves her and he is of that type who is madly in love with her and would fight anyone for her, while he will not let anyone come between them. Palki covers her mouth explaining that she likes Rajveer because he is a nice person and is hurt thinking he does not want to marry her but this does not mean she should marry someone like Shaurya because he is not a nice person. She requests Priyanka to help her and bring Rjaveer out of his house as she wants to talk with him, Priyanka agrees to it.

Karan is sitting when Shaurya comes asking if he called him, karan questions if Shaurya planned to take the life of Rajveer hearing which Shanaya is shocked asking what is he saying, karan warns her to shut up because he is telling the truth and the jacket that got blasted in mid air was sent to the lab while it proves that there was gun powder in it, he knows Shaurya sent Sandy to get them altered while it was not sent to any of their family tailors, Karan demands Shaurya to tell the truth and not think of lying as he knows that his father hates the liars,

Karan vows to bring the truth forward because if Shaurya tells the truth it would be good otherwise he would bring it out himself, Karan is about to hit Shaurya but controls his anger when he demands Shaurya to tell the truth who finally agrees, Kavya enters the room asking if papa knows that Badi mom fixed the marriage of Shaurya and Shanaya and even called the Pandit, while she instructed that there is not going to be any office tomorrow and she even called Shaurya.

Karan warns Shaurya that this is the last time and if he does anything again then he would personally take Shaurya to the lockup, he promises it so Shaurya agrees when kavya asks what has he done, Karan says he gave Shaurya some task which he ruined and made a mistake like the criminals, he tells Shauyra that he can go so he leaves mentioning he will come after washing his face. Kavya asks Karan what was the need to scold Shaurya so much as he is a child and makes mistakes so karan agrees.

Preeta enters the house when Gurpreet asks Preeta to have the sweets as it is about a good news when preeta first makes Gurpreet have it, she explains that tomorrow is the Roka of Rajveer and palki, Preeta is shocked when Gurpreet apologizes that she accepted it, Rajveer and Mohit come when Rajveer says he would refuse if Preeta is not ready to it when Preeta asks if he has lost his mind as Shristhi also agreed to it and felt they both look very cute together when Gurpreet says she only accepted because this is what Shristhi would have also desired when Preeta tells that she is the one who would fulfill all the responsibility of a mother in his Roka function. Priyanka enters the house but after seeing Rajveer is with everyone tells him that the father of palki is calling him so he must come to fix the tap, Mohit agrees to go but Preeta stops him asking Rajveer to go and help his future father in law.

Rajveer sees palki so asks if the tap is flowing heavily when Priyanka apologizes for lying, Palki says she wants to talk of something important but it can not happen in either of their houses and so Rajveer gets worried asking if anything is wrong when Rajveer says they can have it while drinking tea when she asks him why did he say that Shanaya should refuse to marry Shaurya, Rajveer gets a smile on his face asking if she agreed when palki asks if she can ask a question, he advises her to not be hesitant when she questions if he likes Shanaya hearing which Rajveer is shocked.


Update Credit to: Sona

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