Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sara asking Priya to keep her ego and anger aside and tell feelings to Ram. Priya asks why are women told this, why can’t Ram talk to me with love. Sara asks her to have water first. She says you have done all this for Ram. Neeraj comes and says Adi is looking for you. Sara asks Priya to think about it. She goes. Adi asks Ram why did you thank Vedika. Ram says she did this.

Adi says no, Priya did this. Ram says she wasn’t at home. Vikrant says you trust Brinda right, she told us that Priya organized this party, she invited us. Ram says don’t lie to me, sorry, I didn’t mean that. Vikrant asks him to go and talk to her. He says keep ego aside, please go and talk to her once. Ram asks where is she. Adi says kitchen. Vedika thinks I knew they will convince Ram to patch up with Priya, but… Neeraj says I came here to call Maitri, Ram gave the credit to Vedika, you would be feeling bad. Priya says you came to sympathize.

He says no, we also had a past. She says I don’t want to talk. He says we can stay friends. Ram comes and hears them. Neeraj sees Ram and acts. Priya says thanks for your concern, you can go to your wife Maitri. He goes. She goes out. Shashi says Anjali shouldn’t know about you. Raj asks him not to worry. Priya asks Kunal about Ram. Kunal says he has become a stubborn kid, I will get him.

Vedika says Priya, I wanted to show you something imp, come, help me. Kunal gets Ram. He says I asked Priya to wait. Ram says she has no time to talk to me, she is rude, I m no less. Vedika says I didn’t like the way Ram ignored you, I wanted to say you did this, so sorry. Priya says I will handle this, I don’t have a habit to take credit this way. Vedika says I created this video for Ram, play this on projector at the time of cake cutting. Priya sees the video.

She says you made this, so you play it. Vedika thinks I will play the real video that time. Priya sees Ram and thinks to talk to him. He comes and talks to Vedika. He takes her. Priya thinks its enough, this will always happen with me. Priya gets Anjali’s call. Anjali says I m coming to outhouse. Priya says I m here, please come, I will take care of you. She asks Sandy to take care of Anjali.

Mama ji hears this and says Anjali is coming to meet Priya, Sid and Shubham are in danger. Raj looks at Anjali. Mama ji asks Vedika to help them. He says you are sensible, you can handle this. Shubham says Ram will get too upset. Vedika thinks Shashi can come here and spoil my game. She stops Mama ji from calling Shashi. She says don’t create a drama, let me think, we have to get rid of this girl, reach her before Priya reaches her.

Shubham asks how. She says I will handle Priya, you have to reach that girl. Neeraj comes. He says I had seen the video in which Ram proposed you, you will play this video, Priya hates such things. She says spike Priya’s drink, her feelings will come out. Ram and Priya see each other. Vikrant says we shall dance, Ram and Priya should have a dance. Adi says yes. Neeraj goes to Priya. He signs Vedika.

Neeraj asks Priya to have some drink. Priya asks him to go to Maitri. He says yes, you both are so different. She says thanks for telling. Ram says I won’t force Priya for dance. Vedika says I like to dance, we shall dance, Ram. A man announces the dance. Shubham says we have to keep everyone busy. Shubham asks Sara to come. Ram dances with Vedika. Pyaar ki ek kahani suno… plays… Priya asks for lemonade. Neeraj spikes her drink. He pays the waiter. Priya takes the drink. She comes on stage and holds Ram’s hand.

Sara says Priya wanted to celebrate your birthday with this memory. Ram asks Priya to trust her. They dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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