Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sandy and Sara joking on Priya and hugging her. Raj looks on. Nandini says we have made Priya out of the way, Ram should think Priya doesn’t care for her, just you look after him. Vedika says I will remind him that his choice is my choice. Nandini says yes, remind him the past and make Priya meet her past. Vedika asks Neeraj? Nandini says yes. Vedika says Ram and Priya will go back in time. Vedika knocks the door and goes to talk to Ram. She doesn’t see him. She asks Tarun where is Ram. He says he went out.

Priya comes home and sees Ram with family. He says you here. She says its my house. Shivi says your Sasural is your house. Meera does Ram’s hair champi. She says I will welcome my Jamai when he comes home. Ram says Akki, I will stay here, anyone else can go, I came here for peace, calm down someone else also. He says I shall leave now, does anyone want to stop me. He goes to the room. Meera smiles and says he is so good, he didn’t go out, go to him and apologize. Priya says why, I didn’t do anything. Meera says tell me, why did you fight, I know you well, why did Ram come here.

Sara asks why did you fight with him. Meera says you can’t upset Ram, go to him. Priya goes to Ram. He says I have coupons to use now. Ram and Priya argue. He says you came home for a small thing. She says I didn’t leave the house, I told Nandini. He says fine, stay here, I came here to lessen tension. She asks why different rules for men and women. He says I have come here for some space. She says you always lecture me that I didn’t see normal relations, I don’t know relation keeping. He says I told a lot. She says if I gave this advice to Shashi and Vedika, what’s wrong, why can’t you trust me, I did that for her betterment, I know she is imp for you.

She says I know my past has affected my life. He says I m hurt by what you did, I went out and you returned the gift. She says let me explain what happened in your absence. He says then explain me. She explains him. She says I accepted those shares for your sake, knowing our relation matters to you. She thinks I can’t tell you what Shubham thinks about you, he promised me he will change, I promised your mom, I have to hide the truth. He says you have to tell me the reason, Anjali’s truth is exposed, its sorted out, I have a right to know. She says you want me to understand if you hide things. He says its a different thing. She says enough, I can’t pamper you. He says you are irritating me. She says fine, good night.

He says fine, good night, sleep. She thinks you got hurt by me, sorry, I hope you like my surprise on your birthday. Ram thinks she won’t know my birthday. Its morning, Akki gets coconut water for Shivi. Ram says you are lucky Shivi. Shivi asks him to drink it. Meera says I made milkshake for you. Ram says tell me what will I choose. He gets the milkshake. Priya thinks he is upset with me, its fine, surprise will be good.

Meera says let him have anything he wants. Ram sees Priya. He says Sara, something is burning. Sara says your wife is jealous. Meera asks Ram what does he like to have. Priya says I m also hungry. Ram says sharing is caring, some people don’t know it, I love cakes. He tells them about the bakery, he loved the cakes made by an old lady. Meera says you might order the cakes. Ram says no, the bakery might be shut now. Shivi says we always get what we like. Ram says Shivi always liked Sara’s cupcakes, dad used to feed me cake by his hand. Ram thinks she is so rude. Priya thinks I know you are calling me rude, fine, I m rude.


Sara says Ram will be happy seeing the surprise. Ram says thanks Vedika for the surprise. Vedika and Ram dance. Priya gets jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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