Udaariyaan 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Khushbeer saying you know I have no courage to go in front of everyone. The man says you did a lot for people, you were MLA before, you should come. Candy asks Khushbeer to please come. Khushbeer smiles and says fine, we all will celebrate Lohri. Fateh smiles and says I know Tejo, you will be happy seeing dad. Navraj and Dilraj gift a dress to Tejo. He says we got this from our pockey money, you have to wear this. She thanks and hugs them. Fateh gifts a dress to Simran and says its Buzo’s fav color, his family will be there, I want you to get your happiness. She says Buzo and I can’t marry, who would like to make me bahu. He asks her to not think much.

Jasmin says I will go to Lohri function with entire pind. Sweety says have some shame, everyone hates you. Jasmin says I don’t care for anyone’s love or hatred, I will just celebrate. Nimmo asks Fateh to hurry up. Fateh says I will do all the work, but Simran will make Dahi balle. Simran asks won’t you help me. He says no, I will tell you later, I have an urgent call, I will just come. Gurpreet says I wish none’s bad sight catches my children’s happiness. Sweety asks what drama are you going to do now. Jasmin says this time, revenge is double. Fateh prays for Tejo’s happiness. Sweety asks what are you going to do. Jasmin says I can’t tell you, I have to go to parlor, everyone will remember this Lohri.

At the Lohri event, Fateh and Buzo work. Buzo says I think you are waiting for Tejo. Fateh says yes, I hope she wears the dress I gifted. Tejo comes with family. He wishes Tejo. He says I wish this Lohri brings new joy for us. She says it doesn’t wipe off old memories. Simran and Buzo smile seeing each other. Tejo meets Khushbeer and family. Fateh smiles.

Rupy sees Khushbeer. They recall the fight. Bau ji stops Khushbeer and asks him to forget the old things. Tejo asks Rupy to forget it and just celebrate Lohri. Rupy smiles. Fateh asks Buzo about his parents. He says they are here, Buzo go and handle them. Buzo goes to his parents. Fateh asks Simran to feed Buzo’s parents their fav dish. She says that’s why you made me make this dahi balle. Simran goes and greets Buzo’s parents. Buzo’s mum asks are you fine, I felt sad hearing about you, you have come now, everything will be fine. Simran says yes, this dahi balle is for you, I made it. Buzo’s mum says its my fav.

buzo says that’s why Fateh made her make this. Simran says I made this. Buzo’s mum and dad eat it and find it tasty. Candy greets Buzo and asks why don’t you come to meet us. Buzo says that’s Simran’s son, Candy. Buzo’s mum says I wish you stay happy. Simran asks Candy to come with her. Buzo’s mum asks how does Candy know you. Buzo’s dad says he is Fateh’s friend, he would know, he is also like kid’s Mama. Buzo goes. Fateh goes to Tejo and gives the dahi balle.

Fateh, Tejo and everyone dance around the Lohri fire. Angad comes and dances. Tejo gets shocked seeing him. Angad wishes her. She says you here. He says uncle ji called me, shall I go. She says no, its good, we will celebrate together. Fateh looks on. Angad goes to give sweets to Rupy. He says I think everything got fine between Tejo and Fateh. Rupy says no, Fateh is after her, but she has nothing in her heart. Angad says its good, I don’t want her to go through pain, I have no chance in her life, I m her friend, I really worry for her, Fateh just gives her sorrow, sorry, I can’t help,

Tejo just has Fateh on her mind, she gets sad in front of him, how do you let her stay around Fateh and his family, they want Fateh and Tejo to get together, will this be fine after what Fateh did, he divorced her, sorry, I don’t like her, I helped him, whatever he did with Jasmin, fake marriage, what is this, will he play this game with your daughters all life, sorry, I have no sympathy for him, Tejo is innocent, she can’t understand this, I m sorry to say this. Rupy says I know you worry for Tejo. Angad says yes, I will go in some days, you take care of Tejo. Rupy says Tejo values you, think we are your family. Angad thanks him. Tejo and Fateh see each other. Jasmin comes dancing and lifts the veil off her face. Everyone gets shocked.

Jasmin says Fateh cheated me. She asks Satti to leave her. Tejo asks Jasmin to leave. Jasmin says I have to give return gift to Fateh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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