Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya saying you are worried because of me, Swati and Lakhan are innocent. Ram says okay, I will go and talk to Swati, you will stay here, I will go with Adi, no travelling, no stress, I will ask her if anyone is threatening her. She thanks him and hugs. He says I m doing this for you. She says I promise, you won’t regret. Nandini asks Sid to calm down, don’t panic, marriage is happening. Sid says Priya is making some plan to stop my marriage, Priya has hidden Avni somewhere. She says okay, I understand, don’t take any step in anger, I will talk to Ram. He says you lost his truth, he won’t tell you, Ram and Adi have gone to meet Avni, I m going after them. She asks him to listen. He says I don’t care. Priya calls Swati and asks her to meet her. She says we have to solve everything today. Nandini hears this.

Priya asks Swati to meet her at Sood house. She says today truth will come out. Ram comes to meet Swati. He asks Avni what’s all this. Avni says I m trying to prove Lakhan innocent, Priya gave me courage to take this step, Swati has gone out. Sid comes and hears them. Ram asks Adi are you a part of this. Adi says not totally. Ram says its wrong. Avni asks was it right what happened with Swati and Lakhan. Ram says Lakhan accepted the crime. She says I want to know why he lied, I m with him now, I spoke to dad, he also understands that he has to listen to me, there is no other way. He asks are you blackmailing your dad. She says I m answering him in his language. Ram asks do you love Lakhan. She says yes, I love Lakhan. Ram says even then you had let it happen, he is in jail since 3 months when he is innocent, you didn’t think you should tell us, I fought with my brother for your respect, I thought he kidnapped you. he recalls Priya’s words.

Avni says I was forced to do this, sorry, I have to go now. She goes. Ram cries. Adi says Priya was right about Lakhan, maybe she is right about Swati also. Sid acts to cry. He asks is Avni breaking the relation, she will also leave me, right, please I just heard what she said, I knew this would happen, Priya wanted this, she didn’t want me to marry Avni. Shubham comes and says Priya is trying to make us out of the business. Adi asks him to shut up. Shubham says she is cheating us, what is she doing at Sood house with Swati when you asked her to stay at home. Ram worries. Shubham says you named everything to her, she wants to get rid of us, why, don’t we have any value, will you leave us because your wife wants it, are you just Priya’s husband. Ram says yes, I m her husband, talk about her with respect, she joins relations, she doesn’t break it, you should understand this,

Priya can’t do this, you didn’t think of her safety, you know repair work is going there, don’t you dare say a wrong word about my wife. Shubham says great, your wife wants you to choose one from us. Ram says no, she didn’t tell this to me till now, because she knows I will choose her always. He leaves. Adi scolds Shubham and asks him to stop the drama. He also leaves. Sid says listen to me Shubham, Lakhan will get free from jail, think, do you still want us to spare Priya. Shubham says no, we have to ruin Priya, Ram will get ruined on own. Nandini comes to Priya and asks are you not shocked seeing me.

Priya says no, I m not shocked, I know you well. She says he has turned away from you now, you have tried best to throw me out of his life, but every time you lost, you don’t leave trying, Ram has gone to meet Swati, what happened, are you shocked, you will soon see Swati with Ram and Lakhan. Nandini asks where is Swati, you called her here. Priya says she is where she should be. Swati hugs Lakhan and cries. Avni comes and hugs him. She says I m sorry, you had to tolerate this because of me, forgive me. Swati says no need to apologize. Avni says Priya did this, she promised me, she will handle everything, I don’t need to marry Sid now.

Yash comes and shouts Avni, I had agreed to your conditions, you will do what I want, this was our deal, come with me. She says please leave me, I love Lakhan a lot. He says don’t even think so, I won’t let you marry a servant’s son. Swati says Lakhan is Ram’s brother. Yash says Ram doesn’t like to see your face. Lakhan says I don’t need Ram’s support to get my love, I can earn money and keep relations. Swati asks Lakhan to let Avni go. Yash takes Avni. She asks him to let her go to Lakhan. Swati says we should go to Priya, she supported us, she can unite the family and make you unite with Avni.

They leave from the police station. Priya scolds Nandini. She asks what will you do, will you threaten me and send me to jail. Nandini says I will send Ram to jail, Swati fell in her family’s sight and left them, just for Ram, if you want to save Ram, then keep your mouth shut, I will send Ram to jail for murder blame. Ram comes and asks what did you say. Nandini gets shocked. Ram asks her to tell him.

Sid hires goons to get Priya killed. Ram says call the police. Priya asks Nandini to threaten someone else.

Update Credit to: Amena

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