Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

The wedding becomes chaotic and everyone starts fighting with each other. Shrishti spills areca nuts and it scatters all over the floor. Everyone starts tripping on the nuts and falls down. Shrishti advises Preeta to hide.

Mahesh brings Rakhi into a room to save her. Rakhi asks him, why is he taking her in this room, and pushes him on the bed. Karina and Dadi also follows them and comes in. Mahesh asks Karina to explain Rakhi that they are professional thugs. Rakhi says that she only threw a coconut and it landed on one of the thug accidentally. Mahesh appreciates Rakhi’s aim and tells her to stay inside. Rakhi denies and says, she will go to help her children. Mahesh grabs her, so that she can’t leave the room. Rakhi asks Dadi to tells his son stop touching her. Dadi says that there are a lot of thugs outside. Rakhi stays stubborn and tells Mahesh to leave her. Mahesh calls Rakhi abnormal. Rakhi asks Kareena if tell Mahesh, they have already fought thugs in their lives. Kareena asks, when? Rakhi reminds her about the aircraft. Kareena agrees with her and says that Rakhi sacred away snakes in the aircraft? Dadi gets scared and asks Rakhi if she didn’t got sacred of snakes? Rakhi tells her, she’s very brave and tries to leave the room again. Mahesh again stops her again and asks Dadi and Kareena to help him. Rakhi breaks off and leaves the room. Mahesh follows her. Dadi and Kareena stays inside and locks the door.

Prithvi shouts that Luthra’s scattered areca nuts tells his gang to stay attentive because they are very vicious. Shamu orders his men to search for the bride and bring her. Shamu men is gathering everyone in the corners.

Preeta, Arjun and few of their family members are finding a place to hide. Prithvi finds them and they splits their ways. Prithvi gets confused and proceeds to find them. Preeta and Angali hides in a room and Angali locks the door. Preeta asks Angali, where are the rest of the people who were with them? Angali tells Preeta that everyone scattered. Shamu’s men starts breaking the door of the room in which Preeta and Angali are hiding. Preeta gets scared.

Rakhi goes back to the mandap and sees that no one is there. Mahesh follows her says, everyone must have hidden. Rakhi asks, but where? Mahesh takes her with him to hide. Arjun, Rishab and Shrishti meets Mahesh and Rakhi. Rakhi asks, where is Preeta? Arjun turns back and realises that Preeta is not there. Everyone gets scared. Shamu man approachs them and everyone of them hides in the room.

Two of Shamu’s men breaks in Preeta’s room. Both of them leaves Angali and focuses on Preeta. Angali grabs a knife. Shamu’s men are standing on a rug. Preeta pulls the rug and both of them falls down. Preeta kicks them and runs away with Angali. Shamu goes in the wrong direction to find Preeta.

Prithvi is running after Kritika and she falls down. Prithvi points her gun on her. Kritika begs him for mercy. Prithvi puts his hand forward to helps her to get up. Prithvi asks her, is will become his hostage? Kritika puts his hands up and Prithvi makes her hostage.

Everyone is hidden inside a room. Mahesh asks Arjun to explain Rakhi, that those thugs are very dangerous, she wants to fight them. Arjun says Rakhi is very brave and we should appreciate her. Rishab tells Mahesh to appreciate Rakhi’s bravery. Shrishti also agrees with him. Arjun leaves the room to find everyone. Rishab also leaves the room. Mahesh tells him that dadi and Kareena in the guest room, and now they have to find Preeta. Rishab says, he will find her.

Preeta asks Anjali that why didn’t she helped her in the room? Anjali doesn’t says anything. Preeta tells her that she was asking for the knife for self defence, but she didn’t passed it. Anjali rudely says that she wanted to harm her, that’s why! Preeta asks, why? Anjali tells her she doesn’t likes her and also doesn’t wants this wedding to happen, because Arjun is her friend, and now, he doesn’t even listens to her.Just then, Arjun shows up and tells Anjali to stay away from their lives. Anjali asks Arjun that why is he talking to her rudely? Preeta tell them to calm down. Anjali yells at her and leaves. Arjun advises Preeta to not take Anjali seriously and follows Anjali. Preeta wonders that why is she doing all this? She decides to find a phone, so that she can call the police.

Arjun asks Anjali that what would have happen if she didn’t helped Preeta when Shamu’s men were trying to attack her? Anjali rudely asks Arjun, what would happen? Arjun says, she already know. Shrishti eavesdrop on them and listens to everything. Anjali replies to Arjun, she doesn’t know what is happening in her brain, and doesn’t even want to know. Arjun tells Anjali that if Preeta would have got harmed, he would have gotten hurt, because he loves Preeta very much. Shrishti gets shocked.

Prithvi brings Kritika as hostage and everyone gets scared. Prithvi asks his gang member to bring a hand bag.

Anjali asks Arjun if friendship doesn’t matter to him, and why doesn’t he understand anything. Arjun gets frustrated and asks, what isn’t he understanding? Anjali tells Arjun that she loves him. Arjun says, he also loves her too, and tells her that she’s a really good friend of him, but that doesn’t mean that she can say anything about Preeta. Arjun tells Anjali that Preeta is very innocent and cares for everybody, and if someone tries to mess with her, she will also fight back? Anjali asks Arjun if he loves Preeta more than her? Shrishti listens to them and wonders, why is Arjun acting so dumb. Arjun says that his love for Preeta very deep and tells Anjali that she’s very important to him. Anjali says that she understood and leaves. Arjun also leaves. Shrishti listens to everything.

Rishab finds Preeta and asks her that what is she doing here? Preeta says that she’s finding a phone. Rishab tells her that everyone got worried about her. Preeta tells Rishab that she thought that he was upset from her and Arjun. Rishab says that he only wants to see her happy and goes back to find the phone. Two of Shamu’s men comes in and threatens Rishab and Preeta. Rishab protects Preeta and warns them. Arjuns comes from behind, knock both of them down. Rishab, Preeta and Arjun runs away.

Rishab trips over the carpet, but Arjuns grabs him. Preeta remembers that how Karan also saved someone. Rishab thanks him and both of them gets awkward. Preeta watches them. Shamu tries to attack Preeta from behind but, Arjun saves her and starts attacking him. Preeta starts recalling past events when Karan saved her. Preeta calls Arjun, Karan and Arjun gets shocked.

PreCap: Anjali asks Prithvi about his name. Kritika tells Angali that it’s not a job interview, they all are robbers and why would they tell their name. Prithvi gets frustrated and tells everyone his real identity

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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