Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram saying I couldn’t process that moment, sorry, I needed to stay alone. Nandini says we needed you, but you left us alone. Ram says sorry, you felt so, its my mistake, you would have got scared. She says I was thinking that I will have just one son, if anything happens to you, do you understand, you know what happened with us after your dad left, we had no roof, no money, no car, we had nothing, you three children, no one to help, do you remember, we fought alone, your childhood and young days passed in struggles, you remember. He says yes. She says you revived my fears, what will we do if anything happens to you, you handle the business, Shubham has no experience, our future will become like our past without you. Priya says I can’t leave Ram alone and come with you. Meera says no, leave him with his family.

Ram hugs her and says tell me what to do to make you feel secure. Shubham says I can’t suggest anything. She says its so true, we don’t know anything about the business, property and bank balance. Shubham asks why are we talking so negative, Ram is safe, we are safe. She says life is unpredictable, good time passes soon, bad time comes and snatches everything. Ram says I understand what you mean. She says don’t misunderstand me, I don’t know, like you fought for Virender’s properties, can Shubham fight, I want to protect Shubham and Shivi, I m just a mum, what shall I do, I want to secure my children. Ram says I understand, I will make my will, I will sort this out. She asks are you sure. He says so sorry, I should have thought of this before, thanks to you, you explained me. She thanks him for understanding. He says don’t do this, leave this burden on me, your Ram is there, right, I will meet Adi and come, I will find a solution, Shubham take care of mom. He leaves. Nandini wipes her tears and smiles. Priya comes downstairs. Nandini asks her to take rest. Shubham says I want to thank Priya, Ram came back and nothing happened to him. Priya says nothing can happen to him. Nandini says I know, you are his shield. Priya asks where is he, I want to talk something imp. Ram meets his friends. He asks Adi to make a will. She says I m serious, if the business owner dies, then the family will be helpless, after dad died, I had to take responsibility on myself, I couldn’t teach anything good to Shubham and Shivi, what can I expect from them, get me the rough draft quickly. Adi says lets do it. Kunal asks why are you thinking so negative. Vikrant says nothing will happen to you. Kunal says Priya won’t let anything happen to you.

Krish and Priya come. Krish says Ram, we need to talk. Nandini asks are you thinking that I m talking of the will at this time. Shubham says no. She says we are just dependent on Ram, today I got this chance. Shubham says you used his emotions well, you are a criminal. He laughs. She says I m doing this for my children, I don’t care for Priya. They drink.

Ram says Priya you aren’t fine, go home. Priya says no, its imp. He says you think I will go away again, I m in my senses, relax. She says Santosh is lying. Ram says he isn’t lying. Adi asks how can you say. Priya says Shashi has asked the manager to lie. Krish says I also feel the same. Ram says ask her to accept the truth. Priya says I know its not the truth, you don’t know how I got saved. Ram asks what do you mean, did anything happen, you wanted to tell me something before you fainted down, tell me. She says my kidnapping. He gets shocked. She says some goons kidnapped me and asked me to ask you to stop the investigations, that rash on my hand was because of that ropes and nail, that manager was lying, I got kidnapped for this reason. Krish says yes, she is right. Ram asks did you know this. Krish says yes, I met her and got to know. Ram says you should have told me. Krish says you both are my client, I will hide it if you tell me. Ram says I don’t want to talk, Vikrant go and drop Priya at Meera’s house. Priya cries.

Ram and Krish have a talk. Ram drinks and says relax, I don’t get high. Krish says you love Priya, you are angry on me, but not me, you didn’t listen to her and sent her to her mom’s place, and you are talking to me here, this shouldn’t happen. Ram asks why shall I tell you anything, did you tell me about kidnapping. Krish says Priya told me. Ram says you had an option to decide, find out the person who is doing this, I know its Shashi. Krish says Shashi’s aide is doing this. Ram says my family is bearing a lot. Krish says that man is clever, I think this person is close to you.

Sara says Varun hates beaches, he didn’t go to the beach and lied. Priya says its fine. Sara says Varun didn’t get the medicines. Priya says you are overthinking, please relax. Sara says maybe he really went to find Ram. Priya asks what. Sara says he told me that Ram is missing. Priya asks but how did he know that, he wasn’t there, he didn’t tell anyone that Ram is missing. She thinks is Varun doing wrong. Krish says he must be from family, I have checked the guests there. Ram says you think Priya is perfect, but no, I know she is wrong. Krish says I m just trying to explain that she was right, I was wondering that if Priya told you, then where would you be. Ram says you don’t know about relationships, you were not in any long standing relation. Krish says I m not your relationship counsellor, I will see you tomorrow. Ram stops you and says you are biased about me and Priya, I think you like Priya.

Priya says I want to share something with you. Ram asks her to come home. They both meet and argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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