Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Ram realising how Priya and him both are focused on work. Shalini asks them to be back soon after work. Waiter serves juices to Kapoor family. They refuse and sit with small fans. Anju asks them is there any issue? Shivani and Mausi say we just got these fans incase of power failure. Anju says it’s good you got this but don’t worry unlike mehendi ceremony, we have AC and generator. Shalini praises Anju’s arrangements and asks her to get all the arrangements done while they can wait. Anju thanks Shalini.

Shreya makes Ram’s brother arrange for pendrive and presentation screen for display of pictures. Shreya lies to them that they have to showcase this as they have specially made this for Ram. They agree and go to arrange for booze. Shreya and Kriti smirk and talk how soon everyone will see these pictures and this wedding will be cancelled. Shreya says Yuvraj and Aleekha also might break up. Kriti says I don’t care. Yuvraj hears this and gets shocked. Yuvraj thinks these girls are dangerous. Here, Priya completes her surgery and the patient’s mon praise Ram and Priya’s companionship, the way Ram waited for Priya throughout.

Here, everyone waits for Ram and Priya. Pandit ji comes and he is also kept waiting. Mami and Mausi gossip about how this is a unique wedding where the couple is making all the guests waiting. Ritika is tensed while Aleekha and Shradul also get tensed. Guests talk about maybe the couple went for honeymoon before their wedding. Shalini calms down everyone.

Here, Ram and Priya are stuck in the traffic. Priya worries about how there is so much traffic and everyone will be tensed back there. Ram says calm down we can’t control the traffic. Ram is waiting for someone. A delivery boy gives vada pav and Ram enjoys them. Priya says you were waiting for this? Ram says I was very hungry, I also got one for you. Priya says I am already stressed I can’t eat, everyone will be waiting and this traffic is not moving, without network how will we call them? Ram says chill, you should have this as wedding will be long and you will be hungry. Priya says no thank you. Priya’s stomach makes noise. Ram says eat eat. Priya eats and they enjoy vada pav. They both eat and wait for traffic to move. Priya wipes chutney which is about to fall on Ram’s kurti. Priya says eat carefully, or else your sherwani will get ruined. Ram says thanks. They see the green light and get moving.

Here, Shreya, Kriti and Ram’s brother arrange the presentation. Shreya makes them leave so that they don’t see the pictures. Shreya asks Kriti to gaurd the pendrive which is our key to the mission. Shreya says when Ram will enter, I will play this as a surprise for him. Shreya says then only you will take pheras with Ram not that Priya. Yuvraj sees them hiding. Yuvraj waits to get a chance to get the pen drive. Everyone is still waiting and Pandit ji emphasis on mauhrat.

Ram and Priya come, everyone gets happy seeing them. Shreya signs Kriti to start the presentation. Shalini and Anju praise them as a couple and bless them. Mami taunts them about them being late and says isn’t this a bad omen that they entered together? Shivani also says yeah I hope it isn’t a bad omen. Shalini says everything will be okay. Anju says Ram’s entry is pending. Anju tells them about the ritual of welcoming dulha and his family. Shalini says sure, do all your rituals. Yuvaraj worries while Anju sees him and Priya also sees him. They get upset seeing Yuvraj. Ram is shocked to see Yuvraj. Anju asks Ritika to take Priya inside. Priya thinks I asked for one favour from Ram and he couldn’t fulfill that? Ram thinks Priya must be feeling bad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kriti and Shreya start the presentation as a surprise for Ram and Priya.

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