Udaariyaan 26th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh asking the guard about Jasmin. He asks him to return the extra cash she paid to the sharing cab. Guard says you are honest, she checked in here today. Fateh says she didn’t contact me, after all I broke her dreams, I know her well, she would have followed Angad and reached here, she believed Tejo is her enemy, she will try to harm Tejo, I have to stop Jasmin, she is dangerous, I will call Angad and tell him, no, Tejo will know about me, I can’t leave her alone, I have to stay here for Tejo’s sake. Tejo says I have to talk to you. Angad says its a call from office. He says I have to go, sorry, I will talk to you later. He leaves. Sharma talks to Angad. He is on the way. He sees Fateh and stops the car. He asks what are you doing here, why did you leave the job. Fateh says sorry, situation was such, that girl whom I loved the most, she is here in Rampur, the guy whom she is marrying will love her a lot, I don’t want my shadow to fall on her, but someone wants to ruin her happiness, so I decided to stay here in Rampur. Angad says I can’t let Tejo live a sad life, she will stay happy with me, I have to marry her, how shall I convince her, Tejo, Riya and me will be perfect family.

He says I have to do something that this fake engagement becomes real, Fateh didn’t marry Tejo and do to Canada, Tejo also didn’t forget him, I have to do something. Fateh saysI just want her happiness, don’t tell anyone about me, Sharma says I promise, I won’t tell anyone, you saved my life, you are like my son, you do what you want, come with me, take your bag. He takes Fateh to the car. Fateh thinks to find out about Jasmin and save Tejo.

Angad calls Khushbeer and asks how are you, I didn’t call you, Tejo didn’t want that. Khushbeer says I know, you and Tejo marry soon. Angad says then be ready, I m convincing Tejo, don’t tell Rupy, I want to call him and surprise, I know you all were upset in Jasmin and Fateh’s marriage, but we will enjoy a lot in my marriage. Khushbeer says I won’t tell Rupy and Satti, but can I talk to Tejo. Angad says yes, you can talk to her anytime. Angad ends call and says just Khushbeer can convince Tejo, I want to keep Tejo happy, I know Rupy and Khushbeer love Tejo equally. Gurpreet asks really, I will inform Satti. Khushbeer says no, Angad wants to surprise Tejo. Angad says Fateh would have left by now. Nani asks is this you. Jasmin says no, when Tejo sees these pics, she will leave Angad’s life, Riya will be here, make tea for me. Nani asks how will I get Riya, are you playing a game with me. Jasmin says you doubt me more, you have to do the rest of the work, Tejo and Angad will be away, you take Riya with you. She thinks Tejo would have got my parcel by now. Tejo asks who is it. She looks outside. She gets the envelope. She checks the pics. She says who is this girl with Angad ji.

At the club, Jasmin is with someone. Fateh looks on and thinks who is this man with Jasmin. Yeh chori badi drama queen hai…plays… Fateh thinks this guy met Jasmin at the bus stand. Jasmin and the guy leave. The guy says you are photogenic, the lawyer likes your work and pays you a lot. Jasmin says ask the lawyer to send me money. Fateh thinks what’s going on. She leaves in the car. She calls Angad’s office and asks the lady to confirm the meeting with Angad and Tejo. The lady says no, they both are going out tomorrow. Jasmin says I think my plan will succeed. She calls Riya’s Nani. She says get ready, time has come.

Fateh follows the photographer. Angad comes there and stops the car. He sees Fateh. He thinks he is still here, he didn’t leave Rampur. Fateh looks for the guy. Angad pushes Fateh. He asks what are you doing here, you were leaving. Fateh says I had imp work. Angad says come, I have to talk about Tejo. Fateh asks is she fine. Angad says yes, come. He takes Fateh in the car. Angad drives rashly. Fateh asks is Tejo fine, stop the car. Angad stops the car. Fateh asks what place is this. Angad gets angry and removes his coat. Fateh asks why did we come here. Angad beats him and asks what do you want, I told you to say if you want Tejo, you said you will go. Fateh says yes, I had to come back for Tejo. Angad says of course for Tejo, because you love her, but I won’t let you be around her. Fateh asks how are you behaving. Angad says you had beaten me when you thought that I made Tejo cry, now I feel you will just hurt Tejo, Tejo isn’t yours. Fateh says I didn’t come to make her mine, listen to me. They fight.

Angad scolds him and says Tejo is my responsibility, go away, I can’t see tears in her eyes, take it as a warning or advice. Fateh falls down.

Fateh follows Jasmin. Jasmin takes a knife. Angad and Tejo are also there. Fateh runs to stop Jasmin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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