Yeh Hai Chahatein : Yuvraj Manipulates Ruhi !

Preesha warns Yuvraj that Roohi’s father will always be Rudra. Yuvraj calling her Preesha tries to speak. She warns she is Priya and doesn’t know any Yuvraj Pillai, so he should never meet her again. He vents out his frustration and thinks he has hired a spy to know her whereabouts since 5 years and will get her at any cost to complete his mission. Rudra misses Roohi and thinks he is missing someone else after Preesha for the first time. Vyjayanti calls Bunty and says she is worried for Rudra, so they should go and file a missing complaint. He gets nervous and says they know Rudra is in a village, he will call his last called number and will make her speak to him. He calls Preesha’s number and when no one answers, he tells Vyjayanti that he will call again later and check on Rudra. She asks to give him number. He thinks whose mobile is it and why isn’t Rudra picking call.

Roohi asks Preesha who is Raj uncle. She says he was once her friend but not anymore. She asks why. Preesha asks not to question her more and walks out. Roohi meets Rudra and informs that goons had barged into her house and savior saved them. He gets happy thinking he punished goons, asks who is the savior. She says her mamma’s friend Raj uncle. He thinks some imposter, anyways he can continue hiding his identity. She further informs him about giving a radio ad for her mamma’s husband and her father. He is shocked and says he just was joking and she took it serious. She blames him and gets angry. Preesha searches Roohi and finding store room door open walks to store room. Roohi comes out just then and says she comes here to play whenver she doesn’t get sleep. Preesha says even she will play with her. Roohi says she is feeling sleepy now and takes her away.

Next morning, Mukhiya’s injured goons inform him about a masked and red color smeared man attacking them when they were trying to vacate Preesha’s house. Mukhiya scolds them and thinks of punishing Preesha first to find who saved her. Roohi after school sadly sits at lake bank and throws stone in. Yuvraj walks to her and says she has gone on him. She asks if he is a bad uncle as mamma doesn’t want to speak to him. He says he wanted to spend his whole life with her mamma, but she got angry on him for a small mistake. She asks if he did a big mistake that her mamma is angry on him for 100 years. He says he just wanted to have a chocolate, but couldn’t; he wants to stay with her and her mamma, but her mamma is angry on her.

Sachi visits Rudra with tiffin. Rudra asks why didn’t Roohi come. Saachi says Roohi is angry on him. He thinks Roohi is more short tempered than him, he needs to do something to calm her down. He takes craft papers from Sachi and prepares a sorry card for Roohi. He then keeps card in Roohi’s room and walks away before someone sees him. Mukhiya’s goons kidnap Roohi.

Precap: Roohi tells Rudra that Raj uncle is very good and can be her best dad, so Rudra should give an idea to reunite them.
Rudra suggests to take them on a date. Roohi convinces them for Christmas party and suggests Rudra also to attend it.

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