Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th April : Arjun Returns Home !

Aditya tells Natasha that thanks to God that he always kept him one step ahead of Kashvi. A fb is shown, Aditya watches Isha-Monty’s marriage baraat video and asks the photographer to click his selfies and mix it with others photos. He gives him money for this. fb ends.

Aditya tells that Kashvi was sure that I made someone else do it with Isha, to blame Arjun. He says when Mahesh was caught, I got clean chit, but he was shouting that he is innocence, and says I know Kashvi is very sensitive about pregnant woman and children. He says I didnt want her to doubt that Mahesh is innocent else she would have fought for his innocence, and that’s why I have to kill him. A fb is shown, Mahesh is in the washroom, when Aditya comes and cuts his veins with the blade. fb ends. Natasha is shocked and says you haven’t done right. Aditya threatens to kill Natasha also. Natasha promises that she will not tell Kashvi or anyone. Aditya says I can do anything to make Kashvi mine and it is better for you to leave this City for forever, and don’t dare to return. Natasha leaves.

Shanti is in shock and looks at the empty cradle, while tears roll down her cheeks. Kashvi comes there and cries, says I can feel what you are going through. She says I have lost my son, and knows how it feels. She says we will fight with this bad times and will win. She hugs her. Shanti thinks to take revenge from her for killing her husband and child. She thinks I will ruin your life and will never leave you. Kashvi says she will get her discharged. Shanti says she will handle herself. She thinks to go there to get her stuff and also to make plan to take revenge from Kashvi. Kashvi asks her to come.

Karun shows the chart which he made for his Dad. Kashvi and Arjun come there. Karun hugs Arjun and asks him to come. Mahima says first I will do his aarti. Arjun gets happy. Kashvi asks him not to tell anyone, what Mahima has done. He asks Romila to do the aarti. Karun asks why Mamma can’t do aarti. Arjun asks shall I tell what you have done. Mahima says yes. Arjun says you are small and then tells that Romila is elder in the house, so she shall do? Romila does his aarti. Arjun tells everyone that only Kashvi stood by him, when everyone thought her wrong and she proved his innocence. He says he wants to do her aarti. He does her aarti. Kashvi gets teary eyes. She tells Jagdish that she has to leave. She leaves.

Aditya acts and tells Kashvi that he will sleep in the hall. Kashvi asks him to sleep in the room. Aditya makes her feel guilty and tells that if he was on her place then wouldn’t have doubted her. Kashvi says what to do, to apologize to you. Aditya smirks. He asks her to give him time to get normal, as she had accused him of that bad act with Isha. He thinks he will fill her heart with guilt that she will not think of divorcing him.

Next morning, Shanti tells Kashvi that she can’t stay here. Kashvi asks where she will go? Shanti says she is going to her village, where Mahesh’s good memories are there, and not here, where everyone think him guilty. Aditya is going. Kashvi says there is time for office. Aditya says he can’t stay in house.

Mahima comes to Arjun and says she has brought his breakfast. Arjun confronts her reminding her how insulted him. Mahima puts all blame on Vishal and tells that she got provoked by him. Arjun threatens to tell her truth to everyone and in court, then no judge will give custody of a child to such woman.

Aditya comes to Shanti and acts innocent. Shanti tells that you didn’t stop his arrest, he committed suicide. Aditya puts all blame on Kashvi and tells that he told that Mahesh is innocent, but she didnt listen.

Precap: Arjun tells Mahima that she has brought third person between them. Jagdish asks what? Kashvi tells Vishal that Arjun, Karun and Mahima are her family, if he try to break her family then she will destroy his life. Later Gitika and Shanti plan to take revenge from kashvi. They try to kill Karun. Arjun tries to save Karun and falls on the road. The truck is about to hit Karun.

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