Jhanak 24th April : Anirudh Worried About Jhanak !

The Episode starts with Aditya warning Jhanak. Bipasha says Aditya thought Jhanak is our sister, but Mimi said she is a maid. Arshi asks did you tell him. Mimi says yes. Bipasha says Jhanak didn’t hear it, but Aditya might refuse to shoot, he is a celebrity, he doesn’t want his name to spoil. Tanuja says I will be the happiest if the shoot gets cancelled. Bipasha says there might be some drama till she comes home. Tanuja and Bipasha complain about Anirudh. She says I want your marriage to happen soon. Arshi asks what’s the guarantee that he will listen to me.

Bipasha says you have to do something that he listens to you, he wanted to go abroad with you. Mimi says yes, you plan it soon, then we will also come there. Arshi says I can go to US anytime, but its insulting to go away because of Jhanak. Tanuja says I m sure she won’t stay here when you leave. Arshi says I love Ani a lot, I feel bad doing this. Jhanak dances on yeh haseen vadiyaan….plays… Jhanak imagines Anirudh in Aditya. She smiles and holds him. She sees Aditya and gets away. Arshi says I love Ani, I don’t know what will happen if this goes on. Bipasha says you have to remove Jhanak from Anirudh’s heart, we are there to help you, you have to handle it smartly. Arshi nods.

Anirudh is working in his office. He doesn’t take Arshi’s call. She calls again. He answers and says I will call back. The men leave. He calls Arshi. She argues with him about promoting Anirudh. They decide to meet in the evening. Mimi says I m going to Hong Kong for college program. Lal says its good, she is a rockstar. Mimi asks Shubh for a treat. Bipasha says congrats Mimi. They all ask for a treat. Rumi says I always study, doesn’t it have any value. Mimi says its no use to study hard. Tanuja praises them.

She asks Lal to go out and have something. Mimi says I want a treat in 5 star. Shubh says you first go and explore, then we will go to 5 star, Chinese is a good option, call Arshi and Ani. Bipasha says they have some evening plans. Shubh says yes, join them. Director asks Jhanak to get more close to Aditya. She sees Anirudh in Aditya again. She smiles and hugs him. She sees Aditya and gets away.

Anirudh gets the shoot pics. He sees Jhanak and Aditya close. He thinks I didn’t know they will do romantic shoot, Jhanak doesn’t look awkward, she gave good shots, I got her pics, I connected her to them. He thinks of Aditya. He thinks she is happy to work with a big star, I should go and see this directly. Everyone claps for Aditya and Jhanak. Director says its pack up, it’s a pleasure to work with you, thank you. He goes. Aditya says Jhanak, this place is beautiful like you, we will have a walk in the garden. Jhanak says no, I m tired. Anirudh sees the pics once again. He thinks she was doing a drama here, I want to see her expressions when she sees me there, one surprise visit should be done, Aditya is characterless, he has 4 GFs at one time, he can trap Jhanak, if he does anything to Jhanak then I won’t leave him, but Jhanak isn’t a kid, Aditya can’t do anything against her wish.

Aditya holds Jhanak’s hand. She gets away. She says I have to go back. She goes. Appu says I will also come for the treat. Mimi tells about the trip to Bablu. He says it’s a good news. He defends Appu. He calls Anjana. He asks Anjana to take Appu and feed her. Anjana gets tea for everyone. Appu says I will go out and have food. Tanuja taunts Appu. Bablu says Appu won’t come. Appu says no, I will go with them. Bipasha jokes on Appu. Tanuja insults Appu.

Anirudh thinks I have made a mistake by sending her there, I should go there, it’s a two hour drive, what shall I tell at home, I will tell about the client meeting. He leaves. Jhanak goes to the car. She says Aditya isn’t coming. Aditya says no, I m coming along.
Aditya comes to Jhanak’s room and talks to her. He drinks. She asks him to leave. Anirudh comes there. He sees Aditya and Jhanak.


Update Credit to: Amena

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