Jhanak 18th March : Jhanak & Anirudh Argue !

The Episode starts with Shrishti saying Jhanak is also like her mum. Tejas says I want to take revenge for my insult. She says I knew you will say yes, we shall start the marriage preparations, I have to find a groom. He says you have to do this work. She says fine, I accept the challenge. He asks her to have tea. She says thanks, I m in hurry. He asks how much time will it take. She says one week, its my promise to you. He says I will be back in Srinagar with Jhanak. He thanks her. She leaves.

Arshi, Bipasha and Tanuja come to Jhanak. Jhanak says I was unwell and thought to sleep. Tanuja scolds her. Bipasha says you will do all the work until Shrishti finds a guy for you. Jhanak says okay. Arshi says I came to ask something, don’t lie to me. Jhanak says I never lied to you. Bipasha starts demeaning her. Jhanak says I know I have no value. Arshi says your marriage with Anirudh was fake, but you both came here after one day, where were you both on the wedding night. Tanuja says I didn’t know it. Bipasha says its not Arshi’s mistake. Jhanak asks Arshi to ask Anirudh. Arshi says I will slap you, Jhanak, I have tolerated your attitude, enough. Jhanak says you can ask Anirudh about it. Bipasha asks her to answer.

Jhanak says ask Anirudh, he will not lie to you. Tanuja says just answer us. Arshi asks what did you do that night. Jhanak says nothing, we were travelling. Arshi says lie. Jhanak says Sir ji was driving, I m not lying, Tejas was looking fir us, we reached Jammu. Arshi asks what did you do there. Jhanak says I went my way and he went his way, I was finding shelter home, Anirudh came there. Arshi asks why did he get you here, I will ask him. Jhanak thinks shall I tell them, we had food at the hotel, no, he can tell this himself. She says we boarded the train. Arshi says you didn’t think about asking me. Jhanak says my world turned upside down, I was so worried. Bipasha asks when did you remove the Suhaagan signs. Jhanak says I wiped the sindoor in restroom. Arshi says I will talk to Anirudh on call, mom wants Jhanak to get a nice guy so that she goes from here forever. Jhanak says I will do my work. Arshi says you just did my bad, if you do anything now, then it won’t be good for you, one small mistake can be proved costly for you. Jhanak goes and cleans the house. Anirudh says its someone else’s work, your jewellery ad will get released tomorrow, they invited you in the party, you have to attend it, I m trying to make your career. She says don’t do it. They argue.

He says Shrishti is finding a guy for you, I will talk to him and finalize things. She asks who gave you this right, I m an adult, I don’t want your permission. She says you always cross your lines.

Jhanak and Anirudh argue. She says you got a nice girl but you are running after someone else. He asks what nonsense. She scolds him. He says I don’t need to run after you, I have Arshi. She says even then you run, so I doubt you and feel unsafe. He asks what did you say. She says you feel unsafe with me. He says I went in the meeting on your behalf, I m doing a lot for your career. She asks why are you doing it. She cries. He says you are so ungrateful. She says you lied so much, everyone asks me about it, why not you. He asks who asked you. She says ask your family, I wish I get married and go away. He says you will get married, you won’t get any Moksh, you have no aim in life.

She says once I get married, my husband will take care of my expenses. He says you are saying a lot. She says you can’t quieten me, I m warning you, stay away from me. Arshi comes and asks what’s happening, why is she shouting on you. Anirudh asks why did you go back. She says I left but came back. He says Jhanak is uncivilized, what can we expect, come with me. She says I want to know why she was shouting on you. Jhanak argues. She asks Anirudh to say. Anirudh says Jhanak has gone mad, she wants to get married, I said that she can’t marry any random guy, if the guy is wrong then it will be called our fault, she got angry when I said we will check the basic background check. Arshi asks don’t you trust mom. He says I trust her, but it will take time. She asks why do you talk to her. Anirudh says she came in front of me. Jhanak laughs and says you are no scared of her, its good, take the fights to your room, I have to end the work else I will get blamed.

Anirudh says ad shoot is getting released tomorrow. Jhanak has to attend an event. Jhanak gets the invite. Shrishti says if they don’t call you on stage, then create that chance for yourself, you have to bring out Jhanak’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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