Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Sai & Virat Get Married; Bomb Ticks on

Imlie tells her children that she will go and check on their baba and asks them to take care of family until she returns. They promise her, and she walks away from there smiling at Chavans. She finds Virat waiting for her hlding a flower basket. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Virat makes her sit and kneeling down shows her a ring. Sai asks what is he doing. He says he is proposing her and asks if she will reject him even this time. She says not this time.

He fixes ring in her finger and asks if she will become his wife. She happily nods yes and asks what next. Flowers fly and fall on them. He asks if she remembers what her villagers say when this flower falls on them. She says wedding. He asks if they shall marry then. She nods yes. Sai and Virat’s wedding rituals start. Family happily perform their haldi ritual and then their marriage. They both hug each other after wedding and take pics with family. He then tells her they shall leave on a new journey and walks away holding her hand. Shubh Mangal Savdhan… song plays in the background.

Sai opens eyes and tells Virat that she saw a dream of their wedding. She panics seeing herself wearing a bomb jacket and asks Virat to go from there as anyone of them need to be alive for their children. Virat says they both are needed for their children, she need not worry as bomb squad is coming soon. He cheers her up saying his tigress is acting as a wet cat and asks her to smile. He reminds her how she rejected him and married Satya. Sai also reminds how he rejected her and married Pakhi. Commissioner gets angry on bomb squad when they fail to reach on time. Kadam informs that Sai is stuck with a bomb jacket and Virat is adamant to not get out of plane until he saves her. Bhavani hears that and yells that she will not forgive Sai if something happens to Virat.

Virat continues to cheer up Sai and says he shall do something till the bomb squad comes, asks if he shall cut a pink wire as she likes pink candy floss. He reminds her seeing her for the first time. She says she hated even before meeting him as he had canceled her Aabha’s VRS. He says he is lucky to have Kamal sir as his guru at the beginning of his career and could become a so so police officer because of him. She says he is the best. He then talks about marrying her and she creating a pillow wall between them, him taking her to Mahabaleshwar and proposing her. She boasts how she taught him a lesson there. He asks what did she see in her dream. She says she saw they are marrying again and starts crying.

Bomb squad arrives. Commissioner asks them to hurry up. They run towards plane. Virat notices bomb timer ending and emotionally asks Sai if he can hug her. She says and hugs him crying. Bomb ticks to 0.

Precap: Rekha ji announces a leap with a new story line.

Update Credit to: MA

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