Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Pakhi Slaps Sai !!

Pakhi gives Samrat’s promise to Sai and asks her to reveal what really happened. Sai says when they were returning home, Jagtap tried to kidnap her and killed Samrat when he tried to protect her. Pakhi slaps her repeatedly. Virat stops her. She holds Virat’s collar and shouts if he realized what Sai did. She shouts at Sai that she knew that monster Jagtap is behind her, even then she called Samrat instead of
her own husband. She then blames Sai for Samrat’s murder and says she lost the right to call Samrat as her brother. Sai pleads not to say that. Pakhi then cries holding Samrat. Ninad breaks down and says he bought up Samrat as his son and he would have died before seeing his son’s dead body.

Virat and Mohit prepare Samrat’s body for his last rights while Pakhi and others sit senselessly crying. Naina Bhige Naina.. song plays in the background. Samrat recalls the quality moments spent with Samrat. Sai recalls Samrat promising to protect her always and dying in front of her eyes.

Devi asks what happened to Samrat, why is he sleeping like this. She cries pleading him to wake up. Sonali asks Karishma to go and be with Mansi. Guests discuss that Pakhi became a widow at a very young age and it would be difficult for her to lead a normal life without a husband. Panditji asks to carry the dead body away. Samrat, Mohit, Rajeev, and Omkar carry Samrat’s dead body. Sai walks behind them.

Pakhi stops them and says she will not let Sai watch Samrat the last time as she is responsible for Samrat’s death. Virat say she cannot do that as Sai considers Samrat as her brother. Pakhi shouts Sai is Samrat’s murderer and not sister and gets adamant that she will not let the dead body move until Sai backs off. Sai says Samrat breathed his last in front of her. Pakhi shouts that she wants to make a joke out of Samrat’s death. Virat says Sai doesn’t mean that. Sai recalls Samrat requesting her to take care of Pakhi and other family members. Pakhi continues her adamancy. Sai says whatever Pakhi wants will happen and stays back at home crying loudly while family carries Samrat’s body away.

At the crematorium, Pakhi’s mother cries hugging her and tells Ashwini that god gave punishment ot her daughter. Pakhi stands senselessly recalling her quality moments spent with Samrat. Judaii.. song plays in the background. At home, Sai cries holding Samrat and her pic and says she never did wrong in her life, but she feels guilty that he lost her life because of her. She promises him to take care of Pakhi and prays god to give peace to her brother’s soul.

Precap: Mansi’s condition deteriorates.
Sai offers her nebulizer. Mansi pushes her away and blames her for Samrat’s death.
Sai says Samrat took promise from her to take care of his mother, so she should let her fulfill his last wish.

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