Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th April : Abhira Breaks Down !

The Episode starts with Armaan scolding Abhira. She asks why are you scolding me. He says its wrong to love a wrong person. She says love just happens, its not in our control. He says one has to control own self, we can’t be selfish, we have to think about family, Charu and you should have thought about it, you said Charu is our responsibility. She says she is sweet, smart and talented, she just fell in love…. He says to hell with this love, go away and don’t show your face to my family and me also. He goes and the heart breaks. Abhira picks the cardboard pieces and cries. Jhoke….plays…

Ruhi says you all sleep, I will take care of Dadisa. Vidya says no need, I will stay with Maasa. Ruhi says I promise, I will take care. Madhav says Vidya, we should go. Vidya thinks there is something Maasa is hiding. She goes. Armaan looks on. Vidya says Maasa will get fine, go and sleep. He says I won’t get sleep today. Abhira gets sad. She sees Madhav and Manoj coming. yeh dooriyaan….plays… She remembers their words and goes crying. She sees Manisha and recalls her words. She sees Sanjay and Kajal and recalls their words. She goes crying. She sees the kids. Charu cries. Abhira goes. She sees Dadi. Dadi asks for water. Ruhi feeds her water. Dadi looks at the door. Abhira hides. Dadi says there was someone. Ruhi thinks if I take Abhira’s name, then Dadi will worry again. She says there is no one, have water. She says where shall I hide. She empties the cupboard and sits inside, crying. Manish says Abhira and wakes up… Suwarna asks what happened. He says something wrong happened with Abhira.

She says you can’t go at this time, everything will be fine. He says Abhira needs me. Abhira cries and says I love this family, but they are upset with me, Armaan shouted at me, this isn’t my family, they hate me. Manish says I will call her. Suwarna says she would be sleeping. She argues. She says please don’t call Abhira for Ruhi’s sake. Abhira asks didn’t you sleep. Ruhi says you also didn’t sleep, I was making something for Buasa, do you want to have something. He says you care for my family, thanks. She says its my family also. He says I don’t understand, how to handle Abhira, I feel she is settling with family, something goes wrong. She sprinkles some water in the oil pan and explains him. She says Abhira won’t mix in the family. He asks what shall I do. She says you have no way than getting separated from her, she is not bad, but she doesn’t fit here, so I made the divorce papers, your promise can’t be imp than family’s happiness, she should leave from here. He asks where is she. She says I didn’t see her. Abhira cries and sleeps.

Armaan says where shall I find her, she left her phone, did she run away, no. He sees Abhira and knocks the door. He argues with her. She asks him to find the keys, else let her sleep inside the cupboard. He looks for keys. He gets the keys and opens the cupboard. He asks her to come out. He lifts her in arms. He recalls Ruhi and Dadi’s words. Abhira says we have to convince the family for Charu and Dev’s relation. He says no, you are here for three months now, focus on your studies and then go away, don’t get involved in family matters, our relation will be okay in 3 months according to our deal marriage. Krish, Aryan, Kiara and Sanjay look in shocked. Sanjay thinks now Abhira will be thrown out of this house. He goes. Krish says dad has heard everything. Aryan asks shall we stop him or warn Armaan and Abhira. Krish says I will go after dad. Aryan says we need to talk. Armaan says not now. Krish calls out Sanjay. He deliberately argues about Charu’s marriage. Sanjay says I m her father and I will decide about her life. goes. Aryan says Sanjay is coming. Kiara says please help us, stop Sanjay from meeting Dadisa. Ruhi asks what’s the matter. Sanjay comes there.

He says I need to talk something imp. Ruhi says she is sleeping, she will wake up in evening, rest is imp. He says fine, I will come later and talk to her. He goes. Ruhi asks the matter. Krish says Armaan and Abhira… Kiara says nothing. Ruhi thinks what are they hiding.

Abhira sees the bench with her name. She tries to erase her name. She thinks of Armaan. She cries. She says Armaan doesn’t love me, I m just a responsibility, a burden.
Kaveri and Sanjay scold Abhira. Armaan says our marriage is just one year deal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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