Anupama 24th April : Dimpy Escapes Shah House ! Aadhya Gets Panic Attack !

Anupama is happy to see Anuj’s message and thanks Kanha ji for making Shruti fine. She tells Yashdeep that she was scared that bad news might ocome, but good news came and the day will be good. She sees the photo and says Choti has a smile on her face. Babu ji refuses to have food and tells Baa that her son doesn’t let him be fine. He says you should have stopped Vanraj for taking a decision. Baa takes Vanraj’s side and tells that we shall understand our son, he is more worried for Dimpy and Ansh more than us, and is doing this wisely, Prateik is a good guy. Babu ji says Prateik is not Titu and Dimpy likes Titu. He says if Anupama would have been here then she wouldn’t have let this happen and tells that Vanraj just wants a puppet for him, we have made Dimpy worked as the Servant for 5 years. Baa says she knows that Vanraj loves Ansh so much. She asks him to come as Prateik is outside.

Aadhya is happy to see Shruti fine. Shruti says she couldn’t live if anything had happened to her. Anuj asks if she is having pain. Just then Anupama comes there. Aadhya gets up and takes her out, says you came to the wrong room, nobody belongs to you, so don’t disturb me and my family. He says you have proved again that blood relations are blood relations, you chose Pari and left me to die, thanks me for reminding me that few things never change, please leave. She closes the door and puts the curtain to avoid her. She comes back to Shruti and holds her hand. Anupama is standing outside and recalls her words.

She gets a message from superstar chef about Semfinal round tomorrow and asking her to report at 9 am. Anupama says I am Kanha ji’s daughter and will not give up.

Vanraj comes out of the house. Babu ji says one father handovers his house responsibility to his son when he finds him capable of handling the house. He says you have proved me wrong. He says you had problem with your Moti Baa’s choice and told that she didn’t take your opinion when she fixed your marriage with Anupama, and you used to call her Masala Daani, you said that you don’t love her and that’s why he got attracted to Kavya. He says Anupama had no flaws, but your heart was stuck with Kavya. He says you are doing the same mistake for which you had cursed my mother all life, and says dimpy’s heart is connected with Titu. He says you was never a selfish man and asks him not to become a good son, but don’t suffocate dimpy’s happiness, let her live. He says if you had promised Prateik then I will apologize to you, leave your stubbornness.

Kavya comes to Dimpy. Dimpy gets Titu’s call and tells that she is missimg him and was waiting for her call. Titu says if he could then will come. Kavya goes from there. Dimpy says she will wear red color clothes for their marriage. KD thanks Anupama for coming to stay in her house, and tells that she had left her house and family to come here, and spice and chutney were like his family and she used to hate families. She says I was lonely, but you have come. Anupama asks her not to think that she is lonely and says 1 +1 is 11. She gives the rent and recommendation letter from landlord. KD refuses to take the rent, but Anupama insists and says I have savings, I dont spend money. KD says she will give the rent and letter to the landlord and goes.

Anupama thinks she can’t do a mistake even by mistake, and shall concentrate on the competition.

Episode 2

Anupama says tomorrow is Semifinal, the competition will be tougher. She recalls Sally words and thinks there is so much in mind, and I shall not distract and shall concentrate on the competition, shall not leave the chance to win. She recalls Aadhya’s behavior and asks herself not to trouble self.

Babu ji tells Kavya that he hopes that Vanraj has taken changed a decision. Kavya says Dimpy was so happy that I didn’t tell her. Vanraj tells Prateik that Dimpy is so much lucky for him. He tells that some people might not understand why I am doing this. He thinks sorry babu ji, I am doing this for Dimpy’s betterment. He asks Baa to apply tilak to him and make him Prateik Patel. Baa does the tilak and aarti, and gives him shagun. Vanraj hugs him and tells that he hopes that he keeps Dimpy and Ansh happy. Dimpy hears everything and gets shocked.

Doctor tells Anuj that Shruti has a fast recovery and will be discharged tomorrow. Anuj thinks to message Anupama. He messages Anupama. Anupama gets happy. KD comes back home. Anupama asks KD if she can help her in knowing American fruits and vegetables. KD says I will help, but you shall help me to make Masala tea. Anupama says ok.

Prateik takes Vanraj’s blessings. Vanraj says have a good trip. Prateik thanks him and leaves. Vanraj tells Dimpy that he is doing this for her. Baa asks Dimpy to listen to Vanraj and says his family and blood is not known, if his dance shop gets closed then….Dimpy asks her not to talk to Papa. She tells that she didnt say anything when he kept Ansh away from her, and tells that he has taken their decisions. She asks him to be her father and not God. She says she will not marry Titu, if he don’t want, but she will not marry Prateik or anyone else. Vanraj says I have done so much for you and Ansh and you have to marry Prateik. He goes. Dimpy is shocked. She calls Anupama. Babu ji and Kavya knock on the door.

Dimpy cries and tells Anupama that Papa cheated her. She says she will die if Papa gets her married to Titu. Anupama messages Kavya that she is talking to Dimpy. Dimpy cries. Anupama asks her to switch to video call and sees her crying. She tells that everyone has their life and shall fight for their lives. She says my daughter shall not cry, and shall not look helpless, and shall have courage and stubborness in her. She ends the call.

Aadhya tells Anuj that she will take care of Shru. Anuj says I will also take care of her. Aadhya says we are taking her home tomorrow, everything will be fine, but your marriage would have happened by now. Anuj says we shall leave few things in God’s hands. Aadhya thinks this is done by Anupama. She asks them to marry at home in a simple way, later on they shall have a grand wedding. Anuj tells that Shruti had a major surgery and marriage is not possible. She forces him to promise that once Shruti gets fine, they shall marry. Anuj promises her.

Baa comes to Vanraj and gives him mango juice. She tells that he is not wrong. He asks if I am bad, I am thinking of her betterment. Baa says if I think from your side, then you are right and if I think from her side, she is also not wrong. She tells that Babu ji is upset with her, as told that Dimpy calm down talking to Anupama. She says Dimpy said that she will commit suicide. She says a person can do anything in anger.

KD and Anupama pray to God. KD says she is going for interview in the restaurant and will tell her if there is more vacancies. They wish each other and leave.

Later in the night, Dimpy comes out holding Ansh in her arms. Baa is taking water from kitchen. Dimpy hides. She sees Vanraj sitting and sleeping. She silently goes towards the door, and feels sorry. She thinks she loves them a lot, and can’t forget whatever they have done for them, but she can’t live the suffocated life. Baa comes to Dimpy’s room and finds her not there. She runs to Vanraj and informs that Dimpy and Ansh are missing. They get shocked. Dimpy goes out of the house and calls Anupama. Anupama picks the call. Dimpy says she has left home.

Precap: Anuj tells Anupama about Aadhya’s panic attacks increasing and asks her to come to stay in his house for her. Anupama comes to Kapadia house. Aadhya asks why she has come.

Update Credit to: MA

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