Anupamaa: Anuj Plans to Begin ‘New Life’ From Anu’s Birthday !

Bapuji tells Anupama that life is a playground where players and spectators; one who play are living life in real, one who fight, fall down and get up, and fulfill their dreams; she should also fight for herself and never give up, etc. Anupama says she brought Anuj to her house when he was not ready. Bapuji says they will discuss about it later and says he is always there to support her. She thanks him. Anuj with Samar and Kinjal brings ta and snacks and tells Bapuji that he has a plan to relaunch on Anu’s birthday. Samar says there is valentine day before mummy’s birthday. Anu and Anuj get nervous. Bapuji says they are acting as if Baa is coming, there are 2 celebrations in Feb, and Feb is fab. Samar clicks their selfie.

Vanraj tells Toshu that Anuj took away all the clients with him as clients want to work only with Anuj. Toshu asks what will they do now. Vanraj says they will throw a party and announce that Kapadia empire belongs to Malvika now. Toshu says that is a good idea, Anuj must be repenting his decision. Vanraj says he must be crying, and Anupama must be wiping his tears. Bapuji shows video of them all singing and enjoying and says good people are like sleeping tiger, he shouldn’t provoke them as they will be troublesome to him if they wake up. Kinjal offers Vanraj sweets and says mummy’s birthday is on the way. Samar says Vanraj must not be remembering Mumbai’s birthday, it would be a lavish celebration this time. Vanraj asks if his mummy is marrying. Bapuji says Anupama and Anuj are relaunching a new business. Vanraj and his team get angry hearing that.

Anuj while working in kitchen tells Anu that GK called him and informed that he gave food and medicine to Mukku and Mukku is still angry. They hear RJ announcing about valentine’s day tomorrow and suggesting to express one’s love for each other. They feel nervous while preparing tea. Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata… song plays in the background. They then enjoy tea remembering Anuj taking Anu’s promise not to leave him again, Anu taking him on date and saving him, him flirting with her, etc., and says anything can happen in life, so without any delay, they should express their feelings. Anu feels shy. Samar calls her and informs that he is going to his friend Varun’s house and disconnects call. Anuj remembers Baa and Vanraj’s bitter hamulating words questioning Anu’s character and says he will stay in hotel tonight. Anu says she knows why he is saying this and says he will not go anywhere.

Vanraj having kheer remembering Anu and Anuj singing happily in video thinks how can one be so happy. Kavya walks to him and says Mukku cannot handle the business, so he and Toshu have to and she will help them. She reminds their love for each other before marriage and says even now they can be supportive to each other. Vanraj walks away saying he will inform her if there is any work for her. She thinks he will return for her for sure on Valentine’s day.

Anu her spreads bed on ground. Anuj says she will not sleep on bed. Their nok jhok starts. Anu recites a lame shayari and says he should sleep in room as he is not habituated to sleep on floor. He asks if he will get sleep seeing her lying on floor. He asks how can one love someone so much. He says he can love more than she thinks. Their nok jhok continues. He sleeps on floor near the bed. Akele Hain To Kya Gham Hai.. song plays in the background. She drapes blanket over him remembering his shayari and looking at his face.

Precap: All couples celebrate Valentine’s day.

Update Credit to: MA

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