Anupamaa : Flirty Anuj ; Blushing Anupama

Malvika discusses with Vanraj that they need to send publicity and PR plan with timeline to investors. Malvika hearing her says she knows many PR agencies. Malvika says its okay, thank you. Vanraj says he also knows them. Malvika calms him down. Anu and Anuj walk in. Malvika asks how can they stay away from this house. Mamaji jokes due to common sense.

Malvika suggest them to shift here with GK. Kavya taunts why not only them, she can invite whole society as its a dharamshala. Malvika says this house is so good and if its in her hands, she would stay here permanently. Mamaji thinks she doesn’t know its people yet. Anu says let us go to office and celebrate new year. Malvika says she doesn’t celebrate new year, bhai knows that. Anuj says let us go to office as they have a lot of pending work. Toshu and Kinjal say even they will leave for office.

Kavya takes Anu aside and asks her to take Malvika from here right now. Anu says Malvika is not a kid to be dragged home. Kavya warns her that she knows that if Vanraj knows someone’s weakness, he will misuse it for his benefit to the core; he knows Malvika is Anuj’s weakness and may use her against Anuj and Anu. Anu says Mr Shah will not do that as he has changed. Kavya says some people never change. Anu says when they both can change, why not Mr Shah. Kavya asks if she will take V’s guarantee. Anu says her husband is not a mixer grinder that she needs guarantee.

Kavya warns that V will attack Anuj again, Anu will protect Anuj then and will fight with Anuj. Anu says she is getting late for work. Kavya asks if she is taunting that she doesn’t have a job and sits at home. Anu says household work is more important work, a woman should realize her responsibility and follow it. She further suggests her to buy something new for new year. Kavya says she is buying new sandals. Anu says she was talking about new perception/thinking.

Vanraj prepares presentation for investor meeting. Anuj and Anu walk in. He says he thought its Malvika. Vanraj says he has investor meeting. Malvika enters and insists Anuj to handle the meeting. Anuj says Vanraj has already prepared for it. Malvika just like a superstar actor’s presence makes an advertisement more valuable, her superstar businessman brother’s presence will make their meeting more valuable. Vanraj asks what about Anu. Malvika says her presence will show they believe in gender equality. Vanraj fumes within but grins. Anuj starts presentation. Anu gets concerned seeing Vanraj’s body language.

Kavya gathers whole family and says she wants to make an announcement. Baa congratulates Samar and Pakhi that they are getting a baby sibling. Bapuji says she wants to make some other announcement. Kavya says she is planning a lavish new year party. Pakhi says they celebrate new year similarly each year and hopes there won’t be antakshari competition like every year.

Bapuji says she must have planned something big. Kavya thanks him. Bapuji tells Baa that their daughter Anu is flying, but Kavya forgot it. Baa says Kavya is better provoking people. Kinjal says Kavya is changing for good. Samar hopes Kavya gets better. Baa says they can’t expect too much from Thakurji. Kinjal says they should order cake. Baa says Malvika’s choice cake. Pakhi says she will bake cake as they are soul sisters. Samar says Malvika is sweet but weird and hopes there won’t be any problem in party because of her.

Malvika thanks Anuj and Anu for convincing investors. Anu asks what did she do. She brought something special and asks what comes always with Anu. Vanraj jokes her brother. Malvika says that is there, she is talking about Anu’s lucky feet, she is a laxmi of business. Anuj says its laxmi of house. Malvika says she likes their business acumen in romantic style. Anu and Anuj shy.

Malvika then thanks Vanraj for understanding her point. Vanraj says its okay as he has no other option than understanding till he becomes a big businessman like Anuj. Malvika gets serious. He laughs. Kavya invites them all for new year party at Shah house and messages Malvika she can skip the party it she wants to. Malvika replies she doesn’t want to attend party.

Kavya seeks Nandini’s help in organizing new year party. Nandini denies at first but then remembering Samar’s advice to keep a cordial relationship with her aunt agrees and asks if everything is fine between her and uncle. Kavya says he doesn’t even talk to her properly and cries that she married twice and suffered a heartbreak, situation worsened with Malvika’s entry. Back at office, Vanraj thinks even he needs to become a big businessman at any cost. Anuj tells Anu that he wanted to celebrate new year only with her, but he can’t as Mukku will stay at home; she shouldn’t spoil her party because of him and should enjoy party with her family. Anu asks what if she convinces Malvika to attend party. Anuj says she hasn’t since years. Anu says if god wills, Mukku will be happy this new year. He asks if she will try for Mukku. He says even for him, anything for him. He feels nervous. She acts as busy at work. Aye Mere Hum Safar Ek Zara Intezar…song plays in the background.

Kavya says Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship, her and Vanraj’s relationship, and even Baa and Bapuji’s relationship were at stake in Shah house, so Nandini should stay in a different house with Samar after marriage; if she takes her advice, she shouldn’t marry at all as love vanishes after marriage. Samar hears their conversation. Anu walks away blushing. Anuj thinks he was flirting and Anu was blushing. Anu continues blushing and calls him Bholuram. Song continues in the background.

Precap: Anu plays a game with Malvika, wins, and requests her to attend new year party. Later, Malvika gets a panic attack seeing a man physically harassing his girlfriend.

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