Sirf Tum 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ranveer telling Suhani that he is ready to bear her anger, but not her ignorance. He says it hurts when walk ignoring me, though I keep you always infront of my sight. He asks why did you come with Ansh? Suhani says you will not understand, either you know to get angry or fighting. Ranveer says I am not yet done, and holds her hand. She says she is getting hurt.

Ranveer says sorry. He asks since when we have become strangers that I can’t tell my feelings to you, and asks her to tell truth, and says you don’t want to talk to me for whatever happened 24 hours before. Suhani says yes, and tells that it is my dream to become a doctor and tells that her family can’t tolerate all this and asks him not to do this again whatever he did yesterday. She asks him not to come behind her.

Rakesh is coming home on his bike and recalls Vikrant’s words. He is about to get hit by the car, but gets saved. Ranveer thinks of Suhani’s words and punches the punching bag. Raghav and John come to hi. John tries to stop him. Ranveer pushes John.

Rakesh reaches home devastated. Sudha says you have come and take his helmet. Suhani brings water for him. He throws something and takes the glass. Suhani says I will make tea for you. Rakesh says Suhani will not go to college from tomorrow. Sudha hesitantly tells that Suhani is studying well, what has happened suddenly? He recalls Vikrant’s words and says from tomorrow, she has internal exams, if she don’t write the exam then she will become a doctor. Rakesh thinks of Vikrant’s words.

Sudha says it is Suhani’s dream to become a doctor and asks him to say what has happened? She says you will let her go to college. Rakesh again thinks of Vikrant’s words. Sudha says will you let her go to college? Rakesh gets angry and slaps Sudha. He says Suhani will not go to college, and will have broom instead of stethoscope and apron, and you will wear saree now, as this is your future. Dadi asks Rakesh. Rakesh says this is my final decision, and I will not hear anyone now.

Suhani gets teary eyes. Sudha sits in shock and cries. Suhani and Ishaan sit with her. Dadi asks Kamini if she told Rakesh about party incident and scolds her. Kamini tells that she didn’t tell him anything and swears on her. She says Bhai is not astrologer to know and says he gets to know this if not today then tomorrow.

Rhea comes to Ranveer’s house. She recalls Ranveer’s words. Vikrant says come Rhea, and tells that the insult still haunt me, and I have corrected my son’s mistake. He says I talked to Rakesh Sharma and showed his value, so that he don’t let his daughter step out of the house. Rhea thanks and hugs him. Vikrant says you will become this family’s bahu and Ranveer’s wife, I promise this.

John and Raghav are taking Ranveer home. Ranveer says I don’t want to go anywhere. A guy comes and says I know where he wants to go. Ranveer recalls seeing the cart puller, who took him to Suhani’s house and hugs him. The cart puller says I will take you to your destination.

Ranveer says she asked me not to come and asks what wrong did I do, by saving Ms. Zimmedari from Ansh. He talks bad about her, what shall I do? Shall I hug him or fight with him. The cart rider says you can’t be wrong, I feel that the girl is wrong. Ranveer makes him fall down and gets angry. He then makes him get up and hugs him. He says you have helped me that day, and that’s why I will not beat you and tells that he can’t hear anything wrong for his zimmedari.

He says whatever she says, seems right to me, but if anyone says wrong about her, then I feel wrong. He asks do I get angry? The guy says no. John and Raghav are happy hearing his love for Suhani. Suhani apologizes to Sudha and says Papa raised his hand on you due to me. she hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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