Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Aarohi’s Dilemma !

The Episode starts with everyone looking for Aarohi and worrying. Aarohi says how long will I run and live in fear, I have to decide. She closes eyes and thinks of Abhi and Abhir. Abhinav says we didn’t get her anywhere. Abhi says she can’t go anywhere leaving Ruhi. Aarohi says I trust Abhi, he promised me, he will not leave Ruhi and me, he told me the truth, I will tell him that Abhir is his son.

Akshu asks Ruhi to smile, mumma will come. Manjiri gets angry. Akshu says faith and illusion want to stay in the heart, we have to think what we have to keep. Abhi, Abhinav and Kairav come. Abhi says we couldn’t find Aarohi. Anand says we should file a police complaint. Abhi hugs Ruhi. Abhinav asks Abhir not to cry. Abhi says Aarohi will come.

Aarohi comes back. Ruhi shouts. She asks where did you go, I thought you left me. Aarohi says sorry. Ruhi says I will run away from the house if you both leave me. Manjiri asks Aarohi what’s the matter. Abhir says Ruhi got sad. Abhi asks are you okay. Aarohi sees Abhi and Akshu. Abhi thinks something is bothering her, why isn’t she saying.

Akshu thinks did she know anything from Dr. Sandeep. Aarohi says I felt everything is perfect, everyone is happy and together, nothing wrong can happen, I got emotional and went alone, so sorry. Manjiri hugs her. Kairav asks are you mad. Manish calms him. Dadi says I would have died, don’t go away. Mahima says everything is fine, now we shall leave. Akshu thinks Aarohi is hiding something. Aarohi thinks to hide truth for Ruhi’s sake.

Manish says mum was right, we have celebrated our togetherness, I m happy, I wish the relations stay the same. Anand says yes, all the days are same for us, when children play, I feel it’s a holiday today. Suwarna says Manjiri ji, leave your fears and worries here, its one month left for Abhi and Aarohi’s marriage and Abhir will also get fine, everything will be fine. Manjiri says you are right.

Akshu prays to Kanha ji. She thinks of Aarohi. She turns and sees Aarohi. She asks what happened, I don’t want any problem between us, tell me if you want to tell something. Ruhi comes and calls Aarohi. Aarohi thinks I had to tell the truth but maybe this truth isn’t good for my Ruhi. They all leave.

Akshu cries and thinks of Abhi. She sees Abhi coming and taking Abhir with him. She imagines this. Abhinav says don’t worry, else how will we handle Abhir. Muskaan comes and says I have to talk to you both, I m going to shift to a girls hostel. Akshu asks why. Muskaan says I can’t be here forever. Abhinav says everyone loves you here, did anything happen or did anyone say something.

Muskaan says no, hostel is close to the office, I have completed the formalities also. She goes. Akshu says what happened to her, I will talk to Suwarna. Abhinav says no, I will talk to Muskaan. Akshu sees Kairav arguing with Surekha. Kairav asks how can you think Muskaan is trying to trap me for money. Surekha says I was thinking of my family. Akshu gets angry and scolds her. She says I asked Muskaan to stay here because of my faith and you broke it, she wants to shift to a hostel, she is right, what shall I tell Abhinav.

Kairav says you have done wrong. Surekha argues with them. Manish says one who gives respect gets it, you have blamed Muskaan and also this family, Muskaan is Abhinav’s sister, we have to treat her well, you insulted her and blamed her, go to her, she shouldn’t leave, if she goes, then you think. He goes. Surekha asks how shall I… Shefali asks Aarohi are you fine.

Aarohi nods. Shefali shows the Gangaur pics. Manjiri says don’t discuss Gangaur now, we should focus on the marriage now, spare some time from the hospital. Abhi says okay. Aarohi sees a toy car with Abhir’s pic. Ruhi says Abhir is funny, he has put his pic on the toy car. Abhi says he is a good boy. Aarohi says its his fav toy, why did you take the toy, I will go and give it to him. Anand asks why not. Manjiri thinks why is she worried. Abhi says I will send it tomorrow. Aarohi recalls Akshu’s words. She says no, I will return this and come. She doesn’t even wear her sandals.


Aarohi says sorry, Abhi can’t come. Abhi comes and checks Abhir. Abhinav says you should attend your patient on time. Abhi says sorry, I got stuck. Abhinav says you should value time more than me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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