Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh Gets a Huge Shocker !

Rudra tells Preesha that she is his wife. Preesha says she was but not anymore and she doesn’t want to see his face. Rudra pleads her not to say that and says even she said a lot to him, they had lost their baby. Preesha shouts there is no need for explanation as he tried to kill her.

Rudra thinks why Preesha is telling lie for such a small fight. He asks what happened to her. She warns him to dare not touch her. He pleads her to stop her hatred and return home. He holds her hands and says I love you.. She gets a panic attack, pushes him away, violently breaks things around, and collapses. Pihu shouts someone bring water. Arman enters and holds Preesh and asks Rudra how dare he is to touch his wife. Rudra is shocked to hear that.

Sharda gets worried for Vidyut and Rudra. Saransh says she need not worry as Rudra will handle the issue. Roohi says Vidyut ruined her plan. Saransh asks what does she mean. Roohi says nothing, thinks she wanted papa to meet mamma, and prays god for help. Back to police station, Rudra holds Armaan’s collar and asks why did he say Preesha is his wife. Armaan says Preesha is his wife now.

Rudra says Preesha is his wife, he knew Amraan is lying to him repeatedly and is a betrayer. Armaan says he was protecting Preesha from Rudra as Preesha doesn’t want to see Rudra’s face. Their argument ensues. Rudra refuses to believe Armaan. Aramaan asks Pihu to explain. Pihu says SIL doesn’t want to see Rudra’s face and he himself saw her reaction when he touched her. She praises her brother for protecting Preesha.

Arman warns Rudra to dare not meet Preesha again. Rudra asks who is he to say that and asks what did he do with Preesha. He pins down Armaan. Pihu warns him to leave her brother and says her SIL was happy with her brother and her brother was protecting her SIL, he returned back again to ruin her SIL’s life, etc. Police silently watch the drama as spectators. Rudra says he will never leave Preesha and tries to take Preesha away. Armaan tries to stop him. He pushes Armaan away and walks out. Armaan asks police to stop Rudra. Police stops Rudra and hit his head. Rudra falls down. Armaan says Preesha is his wife now. Rudra says he hasn’t divorced Preesha yet.

Armaan recalls sending a fake constable and getting Rudra’s signatures on divorce papers in lieu of singing Preesha’s missing complaint documents. He thinks its good that he had cleverly had taken the signatures at that time. Rudra refuses to believe. Inspector asks Rudra to leave Preesha as she divorced him and married Armaan. They hold Rudra and let Armaan take Preesha.

Armaan files police complaint against Rudra for mentally harassing his wife and asks them to make sure Rudra doesn’t come near his wife. Rudra takes oath on his love to get Preesha back from Armaan’s trap. Armaan takes Preesha away. Pihu tells inspector that she will take her complaint back on Vidyut till her SIL gets well and will return later.

Vidyut informs Sharda about Rudra’s arrest and the whole incident at the police station. She rushes to police station with a lawyer and pleads inspector to free Rudra as he reacted after seeing Preesha suddenly after a year. Inspector says Rudra is arrested for attacking police officers and mentally harassing Preesha.

Precap: Rudra seeks Saransh and Roohi’s help in getting Presha back to their lives. Digvijay suggests Armaan to leave the country with Preesha if he wants to protect Preesha from Rudra. Armaan agrees. Rudra with familyreaches Armaan’s house.

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