Imlie : Malini’s Obsession Intensifies !

Imlie lost in thoughts clashes with Aryan. Aryan angrily warns her to watch it. She confronts him and says he changes his mood so often, just sometime ago he was dancing with her and now showing his anger. He walks away blabbering whatever. she thinks if he is not angry he will turn and look at her. He turns back and looks at her. She yells if he wants to spy on her. He warns to concentrate on her work and walks away. He thinks why did he turn. Imlie walks to kitchen to have water. Malini walks in and requests her to apply lemon and sugar water on her mehandi. Imlie taunts if she doesn’t have friends or she left them after first marriage. Malini asks her to stop her taunts and help her. Imlie murmurs she tried once and got mehandi on her hand, remembering her first Pagdandiya marriage with Aditya. Malini asks her to stop blabbering and help her. Imlie prepares lemon and sugar water and smears it on Malini’s mehandi. Malini asks her to apply it properly on Aditya’s A. A gets imprinted on Imlie’s hand. Imlie tries to wash it off. Malini asks if she will attend her wedding tomorrow. Imlie says when she was present at her first marriage, she will definitely come. Malini leaves. Adi walks in and taunts her not to hide it and stop showing her double standards. Imlie replies him back, and he walks away.

Back home, Imlie cries looking at Aditya and Malini’s pic and thinks why he is marrying Malini when he doesn’t love her. Aryan notices her and thinks she chose a wrong person. His aide calls him and informs that he forwarded him Mr Harish Tripathi’s details. Aryan thinks why Harish mortgaged his house without informing anyone. Next morning, at T house, while having breakfast, Aparna suggests Adi to stay away from Imlie for sometime if he wants to, but he shouldn’t marry Malini. Anu hears that and confronts her to stop conspiring as Adi’s name is already written in Malini’s life, showing her mehandi. Rupali taunts that there is a problem in Malini’s fate that her mehandi is very light. Malini says its mehandi’s fault and not her fate’s. Imlie walks in with her team. Rupali checks her mehandi and says its a same mehandi. Imlie taunts Malini next. Aryan enters and warns her to be professional and start work. Malini feels jealous and disheartened. Anu comforts her saying she need not worry about mehandi color and think that she is marrying Aditya.

Sundar while cooking imagines Arpita in kadai oil and calls her angel/pari. Malini walks in and asks him to give her lime powder. He gives her lime powder. She smears it on her hands to darken her mehandi color. He pleads to stop or else she will injure herself. Aparna enters and asks Sundar to get first-aid box. She suggests Malini not to marry Aditya as he doesn’t loves her and she cannot stay without love forever. Malini says when Aparna and Pankaj can fall in love after arranged marriage, why can’t she and Aditya when they know each other for years; she hopes herself, Aditya, and their baby live happily forever. Arpita thinks Malini is not understanding and prays god to give some conscience to Aditya.

Precap: Anu tears Imlie’s dress. Before Aditya could protect her, Aryan hugs her and covers her.

Update Credit to: MA

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