Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th April : Vidya Slaps Ruhi ; Gangaur Celebrations Begin in Poddar House

The Episode starts with Vidya slapping Ruhi. Ruhi cries. Madhav asks what’s this way. Vidya says the matter is such that I had to raise hand, Ruhi, tell me, why did you make Armaan and Abhira’s divorce papers. Everyone is shocked. Vidya asks did you get mad, did anyone force you to take the divorce papers there, you know their relation always suffers in this family, they have always worried for you, and today when your turn came, you took divorce papers for them, you knew that Abhira’s resort broke down, you thought to break their relation, tell me, how did you think of this, answer me. Ruhi cries an says Maa, I got the divorce papers because… She recalls Armaan’s words. Vidya asks her to say. She says apologize to Ruhi, why did you do this, tell us. Ruhi goes crying.

Armaan passes by Ruhi’s room and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She says go and ask Abhira, she took revenge, she told Maa that I made your divorce papers. He asks what. She says then Maa has…. He asks her to have water. She refuses. He says I will go and talk to Abhira, please have water. Abhira comes and says she told you everything. Armaan says you are getting more rude, she is already crying, you told about the divorce papers, I thought this matter is over, you had to involve the family, you told Maa about it. Ruhi taunts Abhira and goes.

Armaan also leaves. Abhira cries. Vidya gives the bag to Ruhi. Kajal stops Vidya. Vidya says we don’t need to talk, but take a decision, I regard Ruhi my daughter, but she has made a big mistake, we know how Armaan and Abhira got married, we took much time in accepting Abhira, and when happiness came in their lives, Ruhi is stopping them, I want Abhira and Armaan’s relation to have a new start tomorrow on Gangaur, I don’t want any fight or complains, so I decided, Ruhi will stay in her Maayka till Gangaur. Ruhi thinks I can’t go from here. Armaan says Maa please… Vidya says you always think about others, I m your mum and will think about you, this is right for Abhira and your relation, that Ruhi goes her home.

She says Ruhi, you made a big mistake, you have to go from here. Dadi comes home. She says I heard everything. Vidya asks what’s your decision. Dadi hugs Ruhi, Abhira and Armaan. She recalls the man’s words. She says thank God, you all are safe. She asks why did this happen, Ruhi. Ruhi says for you and this family, everyone stays worried because of Abhira, so I thought…. Dadi asks is there any other reason. Ruhi signs no. Dadi says fine, then you wont go anywhere. Vidya says I know you don’t like Abhira. Dadi says but you just like Abhira.

She forgives Ruhi. Ruhi thanks her. Vidya asks where did you go, tell us. Dadi says I had mannat that my children come home, I will go to temple and light diya. She goes. Abhira says it just slipped out of my tongue. Ruhi says don’t lie. Armaan says Abhira, talk to her well. Ruhi argues. She says I got insulted, I will never forgive you. Vidya sees Rohit in a video and cries. Dadi comes and holds her. Vidya asks can’t we get the happiness back, our children have come back, can’t we forget our issues for a day and celebrate Gangaur together.

Abhira cries and gets hiccups. She studies. Armaan comes and gives her a glass of water. She refuses. He force-feeds her. He asks are you feeling better. Adha ishq….plays… She says good night. Ruhi comes. Vidya calls her out and asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says my suitcase isn’t opening, I just came to help. Vidya says take help from others or servants, but you want Armaan and Abhira’s help, right, you have many clothes in the cupboard, go and get clothes, that’s your room and your place.

Its morning, Armaan sees Ruhi and signs her. Abhira looks on. She asks Manisha about tea. Vidya and Dadi beat plates and come. Manisha says I can’t believe, they got together. Vidya says they are still in their night suits. Dadi says they all are lazy, go and get ready fast. Armaan hugs Dadi and Vidya. Vidya sends the kids to get ready. Abhira asks what is Gangaur. Dadi jokes. Abhira blabbers. Dadi says it’s a lovely festival, couples do Shiv and Parvati puja to get their blessing, you want Armaan and you to get blessings, right, go and get ready. Abhira smiles. Armaan sees Ruhi.

Armaan makes Abhira ready. Abhira says wrong happened with you, Dadi came between you and your dream to get love, it’s the best feeling. Ruhi asks do you love someone. Armaan looks on.


Update Credit to: Amena

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