Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th April : Bhosle’s Celebrate Ram Navami !

Shikha sets up a bed for Chinmay in servant Jeetu’s room and asks Jeetu not to inform Chinmay about it. Savi hopes Chinmay realizes Shikha’s love for him. She finds a musical instrument and Dehradun property’s brochure in Chinmay’s bag and tells Shikha that they need to find out what is Chinmay up to. After some time, in college, Ishaan briefs his team about Ram Navami play in college and says Anvi is going to have a directorial debut with this play, so he wants them all to support Anvi. Anvi says she hopes they all will prepare well for the play. A teacher says he wants to become raja Janak this time as he was given a small role with only 1 dialogue last time. Anvi says he will get a good role this time. She says they need to select someone for the main cast of Sri Ram and Seeta.

Savi says Sri Ram’s character should be played by someone who is honest, hard working, who respects his profession, and helps everyone. Reeva says she means Ishaan. Everyone insist Ishaan to play Ram’s role. Ishaan hesitates. Savi says he shall play the role as he fits the role perfectly. Ishaan agrees and asks who will play mata Seeta’s role. Durva says Reeva vahini. Ishaan asks if she means Reeva or Savi. Durva says she means Reeva madam who fits well for the role. Anvi says Savi remembers Ramayan well and fits for the role perfectly. Professor Paranjpe says every year teachers act and students direct, that is the only chance where students teach teachers. Ishaan says if students have decided Reeva to enact Seeta, then she will. Durva’s team rejoice. Savi notices Anvi nervous and asks reason. Anvi says she feels very nervous and requests Savi to help her in directing the play. Savi hesitantly agrees.

Chinmay reaches college and taunts Ishaan that he lucky to roam with gharwali/insider and baharwali/outsider both. Savi says one whose thinking is cheap will always think cheap. Chinmay confronts her for checking his bag. Savi says he has misunderstanding. Chinmay says he is born in a wrong family and asks Savi why is she interfering in his life so much, warns Ishaan to explain his official wife to stay away from his issues or else she will be in trouble. Ishaan asks Savi if she checked Chinmay’s bag. Savi says she was helping Shikha set up bed for Chinmay when his bag fell down. Ishaan asks if he she didn’t investigate then and warns her to stay away from Chinmay as it would badly affect Shikha, YRB, and Surekha’s lives.

Durva gets Reeva ready as Seeta mata. Paranjpe tells Reeva that she is looking very beautiful and only she is a perfect match for Ishaan. Savi feels jealous hearing that. YRB welcomes guests standing at the door. Surekha eagerly waits for Chinmay. Ishaan assures Surekha that Chinmay will come for sure. YRB warns him not to invite Chinmay as his special guests Indira reddy is coming with her son and DIL. He asks Surekha not to make any mistake as Indira doesn’t leave a chance to taunt people. Anvi asks Savi to welcome their special guest Surya Reddy. Surya gets gets out of car with Imlie and Indira. Imlie asks Surya if they can talk for a minute. Surya says no.

YRB and Surekha welcome Indira and her family. Ishaan touches Indira’s feet and take her blessings. He then taunts Ishaan that seeing his attitude, he thought he would be in jail, but he became police inspector. Surya taunts him back that seeing Ishaan’s attitude, he thought Ishaan would become IAS officer, but he became a professor. Ishaan says he should be thankful that he didn’t become IAS officer or else he would have made him run a lot. Indira laughs and asks Ishaan to introduce her to his wife. Ishaan calls Savi. Savi takes Indira’s blessings. Imlie interacts with Savi and says she is her big fan and follows her on social media. Indira and Surya inaugurate the play.

Savi shows college to Imlie and asks if she liked it. Imlie says it’s very nice and describes how she wants to study and is giving her 12th exam. She asks if Savi likes this college as she got her husband here or as she studies here. Savi says both reasons and starts praising Ishaan. Imlie says she is talking as if she is Ishaan’s big fan. Savi says she is a big fan of Ishaan’s teaching style and nature. Imlie says she wants to talk to Surya, but he doesn’t want to. Savi says she will help her. She walks on stage and makes an announcement that Surya’s car is parked in a wrong way and will be towed if not moved away. Surya walks out and finds car parked properly. Imlie says she got his announcement done as she wants to talk to him. Their nok jhok starts.

Play starts. Raja Janak announces his daughter Seeta’s swayamwar. Seeta looks for Ram and desires to marry him seeing his nature. Imlie and Surya’s nok jhok continues. Surya notices a false pillar falling towards Imlie and holds it, protecting her. Imlie continues blaming him, scolds him for jumping out of window when she felt insecure with him, describes how much she hates him and how she has to spend rest of her life hating him, etc. Surya throws pillar aside and asks if she thinks he is very cheap, then it’s fine; she should understand that he doesn’t expect anything from her and has accepted that he is married to a girl who hates her forever.

Play continues. Actors enact as failing to lift bow. Ishaan enters as Ram. Audience clap for him. Ram says king Janak’s daughter is not a stuff that they will share among them, she is respectable and whoever is match for her will lift the bow. They taunt if this petite boy will lift such a heavy bow now. Ram says yes and lift it chanting Om Namah Shivay. Janak praises Ram and asks Ram and Seeta to exchange garlands. Imlie sings a song. Reeva stands blank lost in Ishaan’s face, forgetting her dialogues. Anvi asks Savi to read Reeva’s dialogues. Savi does same. Reeva feels sad seeing that. Savi continues praising Sir Ram and puts garland in his neck, leaving everyone in shock.

Precap: Savi feels guilty for putting garland in Ishaan’s neck on stage. Imlie says because she loves Ishaan. Savi says it’s impossible. Imlie says since she came here, she sees Savi blushing whenever she hears Ishaan’s name and whether she agrees or not, Savi loves her husband a lot.

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