Anupamaa 18th April : Vanraj’s Sly Against Anupama & Anuj ; Anupama’s Masterful Shutdown of Vanraj !

In today’s riveting episode, Hasmuk observes the restlessness that Anuj’s impending wedding stirs within Anupama. Despite his concerns, Anupama reassures him of her well-being. She acknowledges the growing bond between Aadya and Shruti and vows not to shatter Aadya’s hopes any further. She contemplates a fresh start in the USA, with Yashdeep, whom she considers a friend, by her side. However, she is aware of the societal scrutiny their relationship might invite. Anupama resolves to focus on her own journey, earning Hasmuk’s blessings.

Meanwhile, Titu pleads with Dimple not to leave, proposing marriage in the USA. Dimple urges patience, causing Titu to question if she has something to say. Dimple suggests that Titu embrace his role as Shah’s son, warning him of Ansh’s potential resistance. Titu agrees to wait, assuring Dimple of his patience.

Vanraj advises Anupama to take care of herself, expressing his disapproval of Dimple’s marriage to Titu. He implores Anupama to concentrate on Anuj’s wedding and warns her against meddling in Dimple’s affairs, lest she return to India.

Leela, on the other hand, makes an excuse, leading Hasmuk to question if she wishes to return. He notes Leela’s concern about seeing Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pari again.

As Shruti prepares for the veneration, Anuj offers his assistance. Shruti assures him that everything is in order and contemplates calling Anupama. However, Anuj dissuades her, suggesting that Anupama might be preoccupied with the Shahs. Shruti wonders if Anuj wishes to bid farewell to the Shahs, but he declines. She reminds him that post-marriage, he might have to sever certain ties.

Anupama and Kinjal bid a heartfelt farewell to the Shahs. Kavya encourages Anupama to soar higher, while Dimple extends an invitation to her wedding. Hasmuk is overcome with emotion, and Anupama comforts him. She also meets Mahi, Ishani, and Ansh. The Shahs gather for a family picture, and Titu joins them. Vanraj’s displeasure is evident upon seeing Titu, but Anupama notices this. She advises Dimple and Titu to hold onto their relationship.

Biji pays a visit to the Shahs to bid them goodbye. Hasmuk expresses his gratitude to Biji for her support towards Anupama. Anupama entrusts Pakhi with the responsibility of taking care of Ishani and reminds Hasmuk to take his medication regularly. Leela advises Anupama to concentrate on her competition.

Precap:  Anupama finds an opportunity to escape a dangerous situation, while Anuj prays for her well-being.

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