Yeh Hai Chahatein : Kaashvi Nails Down Isha’s Culprit !

The episode unfolds with Kaashvi asserting that she possesses evidence against Aditya. She recalls Isha’s claim of scratching the culprit’s hand and decides to investigate. She storms into Aditya’s cabin, tears his shirt, and finds no scratch. Aditya, taken aback, questions her actions. Kaashvi lays out her suspicions, only to be met with Aditya’s indignation. He accuses her of crossing boundaries and insists that she doesn’t trust him. He vows to solve the case to prove his innocence, expressing his exhaustion with the situation. He suggests that Kaashvi is merely trying to pin the blame on someone to protect Arjun, a notion she vehemently denies.

Aditya then proposes that she should have checked the CCTV footage to identify Vandhana’s accomplice. He drags her to the security guard and requests the CCTV footage of Vandhana’s room. They watch the footage and discover that Mahesh had aided Vandhana’s escape. Kaashvi is left wondering why Mahesh would help Vandhana. She questions Aditya about Mahesh’s connection to Vandhana. Aditya admits that he often brought Mahesh along when he visited Vandhana, but he had no inkling that Mahesh would betray them. He also reveals that Mahesh resides in their outhouse, making it easy for him to steal the key from Kaashvi’s room.

Kaashvi suggests that Aditya might have instructed Mahesh to carry out these actions. Aditya expresses his disbelief and frustration, expecting Kaashvi to feel guilty after watching the CCTV footage. He presents photos of his and the Bajwa family on Isha’s wedding day. Kaashvi points out that he was absent in the photos shown by Jagadish. Aditya counters that Jagadish didn’t view all the photos, as he too believed in Arjun’s innocence. He urges Kaashvi to stop focusing on him and instead, find Mahesh to uncover the truth. They then head home.

At home, Aditya inquires about Mahesh’s whereabouts from Shanti. Shanti informs him that Mahesh hasn’t returned since the previous night. She attempts to call Mahesh, but to no avail, which worries her. Kaashvi tries to calm her down.

Aditya expresses his confusion over why Mahesh would assist Vandhana. He tells Kaashvi that he needs to find Mahesh to clear his name. Kaashvi assures him that Mahesh will return for Shanti. She then approaches the Police inspector for a search warrant. The inspector questions her need for a warrant for her own house, to which she reveals Mahesh’s involvement. Arjun overhears their conversation and asks Kaashvi about the situation. Kaashvi explains everything to him, suspecting that Aditya might have ordered Mahesh to act as he did. Arjun suggests searching Aditya’s room as well.

Later, Kaashvi sends Shanti to make tea and instructs the police inspector to search the outhouse without Shanti’s knowledge.

Precap: Kaashvi informs the Police inspector that Mahesh is the culprit behind Isha’s ordeal.

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