Jhanak 18th April : Jhanak Halts Her Wedding as Tamasha Breaks Out !

The tale begins with a whirlwind of emotions swirling through the Bose household. Jhanak, a young woman of strong will, voices her wish to gaze upon the face of her betrothed before the nuptials. However, Shristi and Vipasha, the household’s matriarchs, stand in her way. Jhanak, steadfast in her resolve, declares that she will not walk down the aisle until she has seen the man she is to marry. She has always bowed to the wisdom of her elders, but this is one command she refuses to obey. Having weathered many storms in her life, she is determined not to let this be another. Anirudhha and Appu, understanding the gravity of her decision, stand by her side. She also makes a solemn vow that if the wedding does not take place, she will leave the house that very night. Unyielding, Jhanak lifts the groom’s veil, revealing his face to all.

The sight of Tejas’ face leaves everyone in stunned silence. Jhanak, her voice echoing with suspicion and hurt, accuses her family of deception. Tears stream down her face as she grapples with the betrayal of her own kin. Shristi, in her defense, insists that Tejas is the man Jhanak is destined to marry. Tejas, in turn, reminds Jhanak of her own flight from their wedding, leaving his feelings in tatters. He boldly proclaims Jhanak as his wife. Anirudhha, however, vehemently opposes the idea of Jhanak marrying this man of questionable character.

Jhanak warns him to stay out of her personal matters and rejects Tejas as her husband. She also renounces any existing ties with Tejas. Since Tejas failed to apply the vermilion – a symbol of marriage in Hindu tradition – on Jhanak’s forehead, she dismisses the entire event as a farce. According to the Hindu Shastra, without this ritual, the marriage holds no validity. She assures everyone that she will leave the house by nightfall. Anirudhha cautions her against leaving due to the dangers lurking outside, but Jhanak feels the real danger lies within the walls of her own home. The sting of betrayal cuts deep, and she would rather escape the city than be bound in matrimony to Tejas. Shristi, enraged by Jhanak’s refusal, orders Tejas to take Jhanak away by force. Shubha also instructs for Jhanak to be removed from the house. Shristi’s decision sends shockwaves through the household.

Chhoton and Anjana rise in protest against the injustice unfolding before their eyes. Their hearts break as they witness the drama and they implore Shristi to spare Jhanak. Jhanak, pushed to her limits, threatens to end her life if they force her into marriage with Tejas. Shristi counters that since Tejas had already attempted to marry Jhanak once, and Jhanak had fled halfway through the rituals, it is only fair that Jhanak now completes the remaining rituals. She instructs Tanuja and Vipasha to proceed with the wedding.

Shristi commands the priest to chant the Mantras and continue with the rest of the marriage ceremony. Tejas is forced to apply the vermilion on Jhanak’s forehead, and she struggles to escape his grasp. Suddenly, Tanuja and Vipasha hold her down, allowing Tejas to complete the ritual. As Tejas reaches for the vermilion, Anirudhha raises his voice in protest and demands an end to this charade.

Aniruddha contemplates that if the application of vermilion is so crucial, then they should acknowledge Jhanak’s first marriage, which was with him. Arshi is taken aback by this revelation from Ani. He issues an ultimatum to Shristi and Arshi: if they do not put a stop to this mockery of a wedding, he will not marry Arshi. He also criticizes Tejas for his lack of backbone. Aniruddha and Tejas both reach for Jhanak’s hand, intending to take her away, but Anirudhha warns Tejas to leave the house immediately.

In the upcoming Episode, Shristi is seen raising her hand to slap Jhanak, but Jhanak stands her ground, ready to defend herself.

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