Imlie 18th April : Hemlatha Spills the Beans on Surya – Imlie’s Fight !

Hemalatha calls Indira while she is returning home with Surya and Imlie from Bhosale family’s Ram navami function and asks if the festival celebration went well, she hopes Bhosale’s new DIL followed the rituals and respected them. Indira says new generation don’t respect elders or the rituals. Imlie falls asleep on Surya’s shoulder. Hemalatha asks her to give phone to Imlie. Indira informs that Imlie is asleep and they are reaching home. They reach home. Surya wakes up Imlie. Nirmala asks Indira what happened to Surya and Imlie. Hemalatha says they must have had a minor nok jhok which is common in a new marriage, they will get normal after some time. Indira says even she hopes so.

Surya knocks Arjun’s room door and walks in. Arjun wishes good night to Imlie and locks the door. Imlie gets into her room. Nirmala watches that and asks Malti what are they up to. Malti says Imlie always fights with Surya and disrespects him. Nirmala says if Surya is sleeping in Arjun’s room, then Imlie must have done something for sure. Imlie feels guilty for slapping Surya. She knocks Arjun’s room door and says she wants to talk to Surya. Arjun says Surya took pain killer and is sleeping. Imlie says she will come later. Arjun asks her not to delay what is in her mind and write it down on Surya’s hand bandage. Imlie asks him to write it. He agrees. Imlie nervously says whatever happened yesterday in backyard was wrong, but it was neither his nor her mistake. Arjun asks her to write it herself and walks out of room.

While having coffee after dinner, Indira tells family that Bhosale/YRB sent lots of gifts for them. CJ suggests all ladies to visit Europe once to broaden their thinking. Hemalatha says he is right, but Indira tongue lashes. CJ says their thinking will change if they travel. He wishes good night and goes to sleep. Arjun passes by to get water from kitchen when Nirmala stops him and informs Indira that Surya is sleeping in Arjun’s room after Imlie did something to him. Indira asks Arjun what had happened and insists. Arjun reveals that Imlie slapped Surya. Nirmala says Imlie is very arrogant and is troubling Surya. Indira says Imlie questioned her upbringing, now it’s her turn to call Imlie’s uncle and aunt and question their upbringing. Nirmala grins.

Next morning, Imlie gets ready and rushes towards the door when Nirmala and Malti stop her and ask where is she going. Imlie says to her uncle and aunt’s house. Nirmala asks her to call them here. Imlie says today is Bulbul’s engagement. Nirmala asks Imlie to call Pallo. Imlie does. Nirmala invites Pallo to come here with Bulbul’s in-laws and celebrate Bulbul’s engagement here itself. Pallo gets happy and says she is honoured to meet her family and would be there tonight. Nirmala tells Malti that the work is done. Bulbul tells Imlie that they are coming, she should keep shagun ready. Imlie says Nirmala doesn’t speak normally, she is up to something, so Pallo shouldn’t come here. Pallo yells at her and disconnects call.

Precap: Pallo brings Bulbul’s would-be in-laws to Indira’s house and asks them to think this as their own house. Indira stops them and says she called them to now that their niece slapped her husband.

Update Credit to: MA

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