Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya walking on the road and thinking of her relations. She sees a couple. She recalls Ram and her moment. She thinks I have to stand with one, Akki or Shivi, who is the right one. She gets a call. Ram asks where are you. She says I m coming home, you said we will meet at 5pm. He says yes. She says I m on the way, I m reaching. She thinks I have no proof, I should not tell him, I will tell him when I get the proof. Shashi asks Mama ji to meet Mahender. Mama ji asks what’s happening.

Shashi says Vedika is after Anjali, you know who did this. Mama ji says Shubham is doing this with Sid. Shashi says I know, Mahender helped me in finding Anjali, Priya wants to find that culprit, Sid will get caught, Ram will not leave Shubham. Mama ji says Ram loves Shubham a lot. Shashi says Vedika is a Naagin, she can cheat anyone, you kept her at home, talk to Nandini, you don’t know that Vedika challenged me.

Mahender says I know Ram and Vedika, she gets what she wants, she wants Ram now, she is after Ram. Adi comes to Ram and asks about Vedika. He says this is not Vedika’s house, its your house, you left with her, did you fall in love with her. Ram asks what’s wrong, I m handling a sensitive matter here. Adi says Vedika is with you, its not okay. Ram says your tone is not okay, what do you mean.

Adi says you don’t get senti, tell the truth to Priya, you went to bakery with Vedika and cut the cake, you tell Priya everything. Ram says you are trying to accuse me that I m cheating my wife. Adi says no, Sara got to know everything about Vedika and your relation, she is silent on our saying, she trusts you that you will tell everything to Priya, so sorry. He hugs Ram and leaves.

Shubham asks where did Vedika go. Vedika calls him and says I got something to save you from this problem. He says I can’t believe this, you found Anjali, right. Ram thinks I did this marriage for Shivi, did I misunderstand Akki. Ram thinks what shall I do, how shall I fix this. He turns. Priya gets lilies for him and wishes him happy birthday. Ram hugs her. Tere kareeb aa raha hoon…plays… Priya says Ram….

Ram thinks of their moments. He thinks Priya will slap me. She thinks what am I feeling, he may think I m after him. He thinks to crack a joke and lighten the situation. She thinks crack some joke, it will be awkward to smile, what’s happening, did I get drink again. She gets a call. She gets away. He says answer the call. He leaves. Anjali says Priya, will you help me or not, tell me. Priya asks what do you mean. Anjali says I m scared, meet me today at your cafe. Priya says fine. Anjali says come there with Ram.

Priya says we will come. She goes out and sees Ram with the flowers. She says I have some work, I will tell you the matter at the bakery. He says okay. She thinks sorry, I m doing this for Akki and Shivi. Shivi sees the party pics. She asks Akki to see. He says I m thinking to do some job. He thinks to tell her the truth. He gets Anjali’s call. Anjali says I m going to meet Priya at the bakery. He asks now? She disconnects. He says I have to go to the gym. He leaves. She gets the envelope in the purse. She sees Akki and Anjali’s pics. She follows Akki. She hears him going to the bakery. She says he lied to me.

Shubham comes and asks what are you doing here. She says take me to bakery quickly. He thinks Vedika’s plan worked. Priya says I found Anjali, I spoke to her. Ram asks did she tell anything. Priya says yes. He thinks we are not two, but one. They reach the bakery. He thinks you won’t get punished because of Akki, I know you will be hurt. They talk. Maitri comes and says I need to talk to Priya urgently. Priya says we can talk later. Ram asks them to talk. He thinks Priya got to know Akki’s truth, so she is worried, Akki is cheating Shivi and Priya’s trust.

Priya saves Ram and gets hit by the truck. Ram asks her to get up, he can’t live without her, he loves her. He shouts Priya and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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