Choti Sardarni 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher says did you mind anything? he says you always say good for me. You made me realize. I never spoke to those girl, or what they like. I only took part in swamburg to compete with Param. I am not ready to marry yet. He says to Param I don’t wanna compete with you anymore. Kulwant says what are you saying? Rana says don’t be so negative. Ginni says marriage starts a new life. Seher says Karan is right. He needs time. He needs to be mentally prepared we can’t force him. Karan says I will marry when I love someone. I want my wife and my bonding like Seher and Rajveer. Karan says I want to take the negativity out of me. He holds Param’s hand. He says sometimes you don’t say anything but your action tells how much you love your brother. Param caresses his face and says your brother is with you in all your decision. Everyone smiles.

Karan says I wanna enjoy my brother’s wedding. I will hide your shoes and dance madly in your reception. I will welcome bhabhi with all my heart. I will tease her. Param hugs him. Harleen says they can’t come lose like this. Seher hugs them. They recall their childhood. Seher holds their hands. Everyone smiles. Seher says we will have so much fun and celebration. Kulwant says no we just need to find Param’s wife. They all dance. Rajveer takes evil eye off them and gives money to Robbie and says give them to poor people. Seher smiles. Robbie says I will ask them to pray for you. Rajveer says God is with us. No one can part these siblings. Right bua ji? Kulwant says Rajveer should rest now.

Seher says to Rajveer you rememeber? He says yeah I won’t open eyes or take off the bandage. He holds her hand and says your hand is bruised. He applies medicine on her hand. Seher says rest now. He says I love you. She says what’s an interesting way to show love? Rajveer kisses her hand and kisses her face. He says I love you. Seher kisses his face and says rest now.

Scene 2
HArleen sneaks to Rajveer’s room. He’s asleep. Harleen says you will never get your vision back. Harleen knocks. Rajveer says I am coming. Seher.. He comes to her. Harleen has a glass of juice. Rajveer walks towards her. She throws it on his face. Rajveer screams in pain. Rajveer says my eyes are burning.. Seher..

Seher is busy with preparations upstairs. Rajveer screams my eyes are burning Seher. Ginni and Jeeto help Seher with decor. Rana arranges music. Kulwant says Seher rest. Rajveer asks his device to call Seher. It alerts Seher. they all run upstairs. Seher says what happened Raj? Kulwant says who got this spice water here? Rajveer screams I can’t tolerate it. Seher says for a few more moments please. Seher calls guru ji. She says spice water fell on Rajveer’s eyes. He can’t tolerate it. Guru ji says he has to. There is no other option. Kulwant says we are all with you. Seher holds his hand and says everything will be fine. She kisses his head. Robbie says well done. Kulwant says there’s 3 hour left. Ginni says he’s in too much pain. Seher says we have to distract him for next 3 hours. Kulawnt says how? Seher says I know how. Harleen says in heart I won’t let you treat him.

Scene 3
Seher says to Rajveer sit here. I prayed when you get your vision back I will cook gajrela for 21 people. All staff is busy for the event. He says we can involve the whole family. She says everyone is busy. Rajveer says we can compete. It will make a lot of gajerla. Seher says wow genius. Your team would lose. He says no we won’t. Scared? Seher says i am not scared of anyone. Seher asks Kulwant to call everyone.

Kulwant tells everyone Seher and Rajveer are competing for making gajeral. They all divide the teams. Harleen says we have to defeat him too and give him more pain. Everyone starts cooking. Seher’s team washes the carrots first. Kulwant says time to shred them. Kulwant says hurry up. Param says we won. Rajveer says yayy. Kulwant says now boil the milk with carrots. They all boil the milk with carrots. Param says let me do this Rajveer. Rajveer says no let me do this. It’s not just a competition. Seher wanted to feed 2100 people. It’s for the. Seher hugs him. Kulwant sings a songg. They all sing and guess songs together. Rana says your turn now. Rajveer sings a song.

Round 3 of cooking starts. Rajveer goes near the stove. He screams my eyes are burning. I want to take it off. Seher holds his hand.

Episode ends

Precap-Seher says Rajveer 6 hours have passed, we have to take it off. Rajveer says I don’t know if I would be able to see or not. Guru ji is there too. Seher opens his bandage. Rajveer opens his eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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