Choti Sardarni 7th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer cries. Karna and Param hold him. Param says everything will be okay. Seher packs her bags. Kulwant says you are not going anywhere. Bitu and Rana take out stuff form her bag. Kulwant says you won’t go anywhere. Seher says I have thought before deiciding it. Kulwant says parting from Raj can never be right. I am not with you. Bitu says think about Raj. Rana says look at his condition. Kulwant says he can’t live without you. Think with a calm mind. Rajveer doesn’t love Khushi. What if he gets attached to Prince? You will get nothing. Raj did nothing, I don’t trust that paper. Rajveer cries and says I don’t know how to make you believe Seher. I am not Prince’s dad. I did nothing. Seher cries. He hugs him. Seher says my heart says the same. I wanna believe the same. But.. Some relations are struck by fate. Our relationship is standing on the bridge on doubt. If you’re actually Prince’s dad our relation hsa to pay for it.

Rajveer cries. Seher says I have to go. I know you love Prince like I do. But I don’t see the attachment in your eyes that I saw for our child. My heart says you did nothing. I need time and proofs. If Raj isn’t Prince’s dad then we will pass this exam. Rajveer cries. Kulwant says how will you prove it? Seher says I would someone’s help but I’ve to go from here. Raj says we will solve things here. Seher says I’ve to go from here to prove your innocence. Rajveer says why do you have to go. Kulwant says I have an idea.

Scene 2
Khushi makes Prince eat. He says I will eat with dad. Rajveer comes. Seher says di I am leaving but can I stay till Param’s wedding and then I will leave? Prince says daddy why is she not going? Raj says I am with you. She will stay for work. Kulwant don’t worry sorry. She won’t come between you and dad. She says Seher you’re giving me a year and I can give you a few days. You can stay for Param’s wedding. But Raj, Prince and I will stay as a family. We will stay as a couple. Seher says in heart I have to find the proof soon.

Scene 3
Ginni asks Kulwant to eat. She says I can’t eat till Seher and Raj do. Rajveer comes. Seher asks did Prince sleep? Kulwant says what will you do Seher? She says I will find a way. She looks the video again. Rana says that Avinash showed this video. It’s all his drama. Rajveer says I did nothing. Kulwant says we all trust you but they’re using this video as their proof. Rajveer says no matter how much I drank nothing happened between me and her. Seher wonders why didn’t Avinash tell Khushi about the video since 5 years? Why now? She sees Avinash leaving the party. Seher says is there a connection?

Scene 4
Everyone does practice for the dance. Prince says to Rajveer dance with K mama please. Khushi says let’s dance. Seher comes with a drama. She says it’s Gill family function. We will do bhangra. Rana says look at her trying to hide her pain. Rajveer and everyone does bhangra. Dolly says to Kulwant dance please or are you scared for your age. They dance. Avniash comes. He says hi Khushi. She says you? He says Seher invited me. She said it’s special day for you. Khushi says see Raj and Prince dancing together, father and son. My dream came true. He says I am so happy for you. Khushi dances with Rajveer. rajveer says I will dance with Prince but not you.

Seher says Avinash can you please tell me what happened to Khushi that night? He says you know everything from the video. Seher says something else is behind all this. I need your help. Raj didn’t do this. HE says the truth is Raj is Prince’s dad. Seher says my heart know he isn’t. I need your help to find out the truth. For Khushi and prince please help me. He says I will help you because even I wanna know. Seher says thank you.


Scene 5
Param gets ready. Karan says what is Seher doing. We are all with him. But today you should be happy. Seher says the groom and his brother are crying like he’s leaving the house. Is Devika taking you away? Param says how can you leave this house? Seher says we live in each other’s hearts. She makes him wear his brooch. Seher says you look so nice. She says smile for your sister. Seher hugs them.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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