Choti Sardarni 1st February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Khushi says don’t drink but don’t say you don’t remember our dance hook step? He says I remember? He dances with Seher. Khushi doesn’t like it. Everyone dances with them on nach baliye. Khushi doesn’t like them together. Rajveer dances with Seher. Rajveer says I made jaleebi cheesecake. She tells Khushi Rajveer cooks really good, he makes me food when I am not well. Khushi says you know him that well? She says yes, he’s my soulmate. Rajveer says Seher will eat first. He’s about to make Seher eat.. Khushi eats the bite. Seher says she can’t stop with desserts. Khushi says saali (sister in law) is half wife. Rajveer makes Seher eat.

Khushi says let’s play rapid fire. She asks Param marriage? He says Devika. She asks Patiyala? He says drink. Khushi asks Seher love? She says Raj. Khushi says hope, Seher says Raj. Karan says she will answer Raj only. Khushi asks Raj beauty? He says Seher. She asks happiness? He says Seher. Khushi asks grateful for? He says Seher. Param says it’s getting boring. Param asks Khushi cute, she says puppy. Param says hero? She says my Prince. He asks desire? Khushi says Raj. Everyone is shocked. Khushi laughs and says, I wanna Raj (rule). You both hijacked the game. tell me every detail of your wedding. Seher recalls everything. Param says their wedding happened in weird circumstances. A lot of things were going wrong. Seher says but I found my soulmate. Khushi says in heart so it wasn’t a love marriage. It will be easier for me.

Scene 2
Kulwant says to Harleen you must be so alone at Khushi’s wedding there are so many preparations. Tell me name of the person who did this to Khushi? Harleen says I don’t want to talk about him.
Khushi says to Devika ask Param about his flings, girlfriends. She says he told me everything. Param says Khushi di you should move on in your life and forget your marriage. She says my marriage? Karan says you and prince deserve a good life. Seher says you got mrried but he left you. You and Prince deserve a good life. Bua told us he left you after marriage. Khushi says you all think prince’s dad and I got married and he betrayed me? Seher says you shouldn’t be embarrassed. He should be. Khushi says past doesn’t matter, future does. I will get what I want. Seher says I will help you. They all go to sleep. Khushi shakes hand with Rajveer. She touches his face and says good night. Rajveer feels uncomfortable.

Seher says to Rajveer Khushi di is so much fun. She makes it all so colorful. Rajveer says isn’t she too over the top? I feel uncomfortable. Seher asys she’s like that. She’s suffered a lot. She’s light of the party. Seher says let me apply a face pack on your dark circles. He says a kiss would fix it. She says close your eyes, Seher shoves him. Rajveer falls down.

Scene 3
The event’s preparation start. Karan asks Devika you studied at Stanford right? She says yes. Karan says which subject? She says Economics. Karan says do you Taniya? She studied there too. She says I used to work for an NGO so I didn’t have much friends in class. She tells name of the NGO. Karan says you’re saying the wrong name. Param says interviewing your bhabhi? He says no, I wanna know her better.

Kulwant calls a relative and tries to find about Khushi’s husband. Soemoen comes on the horse. It’s momsi. She meets everyone. Harleen hugs her. Everyone meets her. Momsi says I couldn’t come to the roka. param says this is Devika, my finace. He tells she’s momsi. Momsi says she’s so pretty. Momsi looks at Kulwant. She says you are fit and fine. Kulwant says you’re also mean, I mean pretty. Momsi says nice dye. Kulwant says my hair is natural. Arjit comes. Dolly says stop.. I’ve seen you before. He says no, we are meeting for the first time. Khushi meets her. Arjit tells Devika she’s the one they trapped in 80 lacs fraud. He says I am leaving. Devika says don’t come in front of her. Dolly asks where are Seher and Raj?

Scene 4
Rajveer gets ready, he says I look like a hero. Seher says self praise much? He says if you see me you would be like how can anyone be so handsome? He says you will look very pretty. She says even when I get old? He teases her. Seher says you will keep looking at me when I get ready. Rajveer looks at Seher. she gets ready. Rajveer smiles.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer says you’re my today and tomorrow. Khushi says I will be your future She does a spark in the wires. Everyone screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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