Shiv Shakti 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Kartikeya reaching Devsena’s room. Devsena gets tensed seeing him and asks what is he doing here, he should leave before someone sees him and punishes him. Kartikeya says he is here to win her and take her away from here, let us leave the universe and go to a place where Shiv or Indradev can’t reach them. Devsena hesitates, but Shani puts his vakra dristi/evil eyes on her and she agrees to elope with Kartikeya. Kartikeya walks holding her hand. Guards see them and attack Kartikeya. Kartikeya beats them all. One of them reaches Indradev and asks him to stop that Kartikeya as he is eloping with Devsena. Indradev says Shiv who is an epitome of justice will stop Kartikeya.

Indradev reaches kailash and loudly calls Mahadev. Mahadev lost in meditation with Parvati gets of his body and warns Indradev to stop shouting and disturb peace. Indradev says he doesn’t know what his son did. Mahadev asks him to return to Indralok as Devsena will return soon. Indradev asks how when Kartikeya took her away. Mahadev asks him not to bother about the process and wait for the end result. Indradev leaves. Mahadev tells sleeping Parvati that he needs to go to maintain justice.

Devsena asks Kartikeya till when they will walk. Kartikeya says he will use a vehicle which is gifted by his parents and they will fly far away. They walk towards the vehicle when Shiv destroys it. They both get tensed seeing him. Narad tells Narayan that it’s injustice that a father and son are at loggerheads again while they were reconciling their differences. Narayan says whenever someone does a mistake thinking it as his duty, Shiv stops him; Kartikeya under Shani’s effect doing a mistake. Kartikeya warns Shiv to get out of his way and stop being a hurdle in his way always. Shiv suggests him to stop his adamancy and return Devsena to Indradev. Kartikeya says it’s impossible. Devsena says a flower of love blossomed even in her heart. Kartikeya holds her hand and says nobody, even Shiv can’t separate them.

Shani dev tells asurs that even Shiv can’t clear Kartikeya from his vakra dristi. Diti praises him. Shumbh provkes Shani to do something which confuses Shiv. Shani says sure and puts his vakra dristi on Kartikeya and Devsena again. Devsena tells Shiv that their decision is final. Shani says even Mahadev became weak in front of his vakra dristi.

Precap: Shiv warns Kartikeya to back off or else face his wrath. Kartikeya refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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