Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sid telling everyone about the project getting rejected because of the cheap quality raw material they have used. He says I convinced them to continue the project, they asked me to become a guarantor. Brinda says it’s a coincidence that Sid has the solution before the crisis. Avni says no need to taunt, Sid is trying to help Lakhan.

Sid asks Lakhan to think and decide. He says we should prepare for the function till LK decides. Avni, Josh and Sid leave. Lakhan says Sid didn’t invest money. Vikrant says Raghav came to us when Prachi was undergoing surgery. Angad asks did he finally tell his feelings. Prachi thinks I know Pihu is sacrificing her love, I will sacrifice my love. She says he can leave us alone, we have to figure out something. Raghav is held captive.

Pihu and Angad tease Prachi about Raghav. They argue. Prachi asks where is Raghav. Pihu asks Prachi do you love Raghav. Prachi says you also love Raghav. Pihu says who doesn’t love him. Sid says I will kill him. The man says I can’t help you. Raghav frees himself from the ropes.

Vikrant says Raghav told me about getting Ram and Priya’s pic at the site manager’s house. Pihu says he told me. Adi says we found out, that man handled Ram and Priya’s case. Prachi asks him about the man. Adi says this man is related to Ram and Priya’s death, Vikrant, we need to find out. Vikrant agrees.

Prachi gets ready and imagines Raghav. She says Pihu loves you, its too late, I never understood what you mean to me, I missed you a lot, I was running after the things which didn’t exist, I wish I understood this before, Pihu loves you a lot and will keep you happy. He says you know I like it, you think of others before others, I can lose the world for you. She says I will be happy if you and Pihu get together. Her imagination ends.

She sits crying. Lakhan says Prachi is getting ready. Pihu comes and says you look so gorgeous. Prachi asks where is Raghav. She worries. Pihu asks her not to worry. Sara asks them to come. Raghav comes home and sees the decorations. He says is Prachi marrying Josh, no. Sid talks to the govt. officer. Lakhan asks don’t you trust me.

The man says we can’t trust you after the incident, we will go ahead if Sid becomes the guarantor, we will depute Josh as the chief architect. Prachi says Sir, thanks for coming, I met with an accident yesterday and I almost died, I want to make the most of it, I want to value it, we can do paperwork. She says I m waiting for Raghav, we need to be alert, I m just buying time.

Prachi asks for Priya’s bangles. Raghav says Prachi doesn’t love me, she is marrying Josh. He hides from Sara. He thinks to talk to her. He sees Avni and hides. Avni says finally, Babbars have won. Sara says amazing, wow, you have made marriage a contest of love and hate, why, I don’t think Prachi loves Josh, he has emotionally manipulated her,

she can’t hear her heart, you got blind in your son’s love, Prachi doesn’t love Josh, maybe she wants to save Raghav’s project. Raghav hears this and thinks is Prachi marrying for this reason. Sara asks Avni to think if Josh loves Prachi. She says please think about it. She goes.

Raghav says I love you a lot, Prachi, Sid got Ram and Priya killed. Prachi proposes Raghav. They unite and get married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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