Sherdil Shergill 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manmeet calling Puneet and saying I m coming. Puneet says Manmeet called, she is coming. Gunjan asks really. They hug. Ajeet hears them. Gunjan says it will be fun. Ajeet asks is she coming alone. Gunjan says yes, she will come alone. He asks Puneet. Puneet says she said she will be here. He says I don’t think she will keep our respect. Manmeet says your training will begin tomorrow. She trains Raj to handle Anmol.

She tells about her family members. Its morning, Mishra looks for Raj. He doesn’t see Manmeet in the cabin. He comes to her house. He says since you took an off, even Raj isn’t coming to office. He gets shocked seeing Raj handling Anmol. He says sorry, this is wrong file. He goes. She shuts the door. Raj takes care of Anmol.

Manmeet gets a call. She says I m at home. Sharda says you have to come to office. Manmeet says Hussain knows that I m not coming. Bhairav takes the call and asks her to come urgently to the office. He says we will end the meeting in 5mins, shall we come to your house. She says I need time, I will come. He says just come. She comes to office. She says sorry to make you wait. He says I couldn’t sleep all night and thought to meet you today. She says about Raj, sorry.. He says no, I have handed him over to you, I came to talk about sky city project.

He says there is a complaint from our side, what shall we sell to the clients. She says I suggest, we will start a new project. He says we are making 140 floors, we will make it 150 floors, the customers can get more flats. She says I have told you before, that we have already kept the foundation for the building, we have made 140 floors already, we can’t even take 10 feet more, we can’t cheat, people can lose lives because of our negligence. He says its about 10 floors. She says I m sorry, I can’t give you permission, I cleared this before. He says I didn’t know that you will refuse, we will keep in mind, how many time will we take in making the 80 floors, we will find many ways. She looks at him.

Hussain says you refused to him. She asks what could I do. He says you should have told him that you will try. She says its illegal, if building falls, people will die, we will get caught. He says relax, I have to arrange a husband on rent for you. She says its arranged, Raj, I m taking him as my husband. He asks her to wait, listen. He says I told that in a joke. She says I have no choice, I don’t see any better option, thanks for your suggestion, wish me luck. She goes. He thinks I just said it, you took it seriously.

Raj is with Nikki. He says I m going with some work, Manmeet will come with me. Raj packs his bag at home. He says I m going to Goa with my friends for four days. His sisters question him. He makes excuses. Manmeet comes home and sees her family. They smile. Raj gets down the car with Anmol. They get shocked. Bua asks who is he. Raj asks who are your parents, I don’t know. Manmeet says I have to do everything, just be quiet, no overacting. Gunjan hugs Manmeet. Ajeet stops Puneet. Gunjan says I love you, thanks for coming.

Puneet cries meeting Anmol. Manmeet says Anmol, she is your Nani. Bua asks Ajeet, whats happening. Ajeet goes. Manmeet hugs Bua. She says I m fine. Manmeet asks Raj to handle Raj. She goes. The relatives stare at Raj. Bua asks Preeta to handle the baby. Raj says careful. Bua asks who are you, Manmeet has a son. Raj says yes. Uncle asks when did he happen. Aunty asks who are you.

Manmeet says I didn’t come alone, I got my husband. Ajeet says I explained this to you, a woman’s life is incomplete without a man. He says I have made my identity, and about respect, those who want to give respect will give it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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