Sherdil Shergill 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with doctor saying all is well that ends well. He goes. Raj says I told uncle that Anmol is my son because of the emergency, I hope you won’t get annoyed. Manmeet thanks him. Choti says I have acidity. Her husband asks her to drink milk. She says Raj has run away from the alliance talks. He says he didn’t answer your call. She says I was just acting to call him. He asks what do you want. She says our son, my sisters have Deepo and Radhe as their sons, but we have a daughter, if Raj gets married and gets a son then dad will give all the property to his grandson, our daughter won’t get anything, Raj has to stay single. He says yes.

Servant says Bau ji called everyone inside. Bhairav says no one will talk to Raj, if he is in problem, he will tell me himself, he has no sense, I don’t like beating him, he is young. Raj comes home and goes to his room. Nirali sees him. Ajeet calls Raj. He says I just spoke to Manmeet, whatever happened with Anmol, you had supported him, thanks. Raj says its okay, I m also part of family. Puneet talks to Raj and thanks him. Nirali hears them.

Puneet says truth is different for me and others, I feel what I think is true. Nirali goes thinking. She comes to the room. Bhairav says I hope you didn’t talk to him. She says you didn’t sleep yet. He says I m a dad. She says I didn’t talk, I heard Raj talking to Puneet, he just came home, I got to know that he had gone to Manmeet’s house today also, Puneet said he has done something that just a dad can do. He asks what did he say.

She says I didn’t hear what he said. He says I m saying for the last time, don’t make an opinion by asking half things. She says Raj was calling them mummy ji, Papa ji. He says I also heard something, we should trust Manmeet, her words were true, don’t think much, sleep, we have to wait for the right answers, just learn to wait.

Its morning, Bhairav and Nirali come to talk to Raj. Raj says good morning, I m sorry, I came late. Choti comes there. Raj says I know you would be upset. Bhairav taunts. Raj says matar got stuck in Anmol’s nose, so I took doctor uncle there, you can ask him. Choti says you had to do this on the day when the girl’s family was coming to see you. Raj says I went to help them. She says we got insulted because of you. Nirali says swear on me, there is nothing between Manmeet and you. Raj says you don’t trust me, there is nothing between us.

Raj comes to office. He sees Mishra and pulls his leg. Mishra says I have tried a lot to get my phone. He says Nikki came to meet you, she was crying. Raj worries. Mishra asks why am I saying this to you, I will find my phone. Raj gets a call and says I m getting a video call from your phone. He answers. Nikki scolds Raj. He says I got Mishra’s phone to convey my message, I will end my life if you don’t come.

Mishra says you love thieves, please get my mobile. Raj says a girl’s life is in danger, you worry for your phone. Manmeet comes to the office. Raj says save me, Nikki is going to commit suicide, she is threatening me. She says she won’t do this, did you mention that she is here. He says yes, she is on the 30th floor, just lie to her that we are married and Anmol is our son. She asks have you lost your mind, I won’t lie, its impossible. He says you have to say it, Manmeet, boss…. The lie has many benefits, think of it, just lie once, I will also get free of this problem, don’t forget, I also helped you on time.

Raj and Manmeet go to Nikki. She says you have threatened Raj, it will be my loss, me and my son, how will we live. Nikki asks what do you mean. Manmeet holds Raj’s hand. She says if my husband goes to jail. Nikki says leave him. Manmeet says try to understand, Raj loves me, we love each other and Anmol is our son. Nikki gets dizzy.

Manmeet holds her. Nikki says shut up, Raj married you, then why did he act of loving me. Manmeet says actually, I can’t say anything about it, we aren’t talking to each other since a year. Manmeet stops Raj and answers Nikki. She says you know Raj and I are architects, we met each other during the seminars, I fell in love, then we don’t know how…. Raj sings Teri chand baaliyaan…. Manmeet says our marriage didn’t happen and I was pregnant. Nikki and Raj look on shocked.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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