Sherdil Shergill 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bhairav saying she is asking for 5000 crores to leave you. Raj asks did you tell her. Bhairav says no, she is a characterless girl. Nirali says your dad is saying this. Raj says I have seen and heard everything, I will divorce Manmeet. Badi says don’t rush, maybe the truth is something else, dad told this, Manmeet didn’t tell this to you. Choti meets Murari. He says your sister would have sent you. She says no, I came for my work, Abhishek is dangerous, make him leave the city, ask your men to disappear him. He says I left all the wrong work, go home, I can’t help. Bhairav and Raj come to meet Manmeet.

Raj says I thought you will apologize, but you had a deal with dad. Ajeet asks why did you come here. Bhairav says she is asking for 5000 crores to leave Raj. Puneet asks what. Manmeet says I asked for money to save you from court troubles. Raj says I won’t give you a rupee, we will see you in court. He gives the divorce papers. Bhairav taunts on her pride. She says you didn’t see it yet, I will show it now, I will fight the case and get much loss for you. Bhairav says she doesn’t know what she is doing, you will come to beg us.

Bhairav and Raj leave. Bhairav gets Choti’s call. He says open the door. She says fine, just check my message first. Bhairav and Raj see the video of Manmeet and Abhishek. Choti asks how did Abhishek run away, if its Manmeet and Abhishek’s plan then… Bhairav says my men couldn’t kidnap Abhishek. Raj asks whose kidnapping. Bhairav says Abhishek is missing, everyone thinks I have kidnapped him.

Manmeet comes there and cries for Anmol. She asks where is Anmol. Nirali asks what happened, tell me. Ajeet says he was playing outside, someone kidnapped him. Manmeet asks where is Anmol. Bhairav says I have nothing to do with this. Raj says you were talking of someone’s kidnapping, don’t involve him. Choti asks how can we hurt a baby. Ankur says you had left a scorpion to hurt the baby. Badi says yes, maybe you both did this, stop it now. Manmeet and Raj get shocked. Bhairav says wow, what a game, you made my family against me, because my son has left you and came back. Raj asks when did I come back, dad. He holds Manmeet and gives her a tissue. She wipes her tears. Raj says I was breaking our relation and acted to get the proof.

Bhairav says you acted in front of me. Raj says acting is in my blood. Bhairav asks what did I do. Raj says you acted to have a heart attack and then you fell sick when mum had gone to office with Manmeet, Murari broke the skycity slab, when police had come, you had beaten Murari and sacrificed his loyalty. Bhairav asks what nonsense, why would I do this. Badi says Murari told me that you did this, dad. Raj says I got this quality from you. Manmeet says I have a suggestion, you admit your crimes in front of everyone, we don’t want to expose you. Bhairav laughs and says they are making stories, Nirali answer them. Nirali says yes, you tried a lot to break their marriage, you broke our own house, I couldn’t explain you, I regret this.

Choti says you go and find your son. Manmeet says anyway I also learnt to act, Anmol is fine, he is sleeping at home, Vidya is with him, when Abhishek came to office, I was shocked, Nirali had warned us, she told me that something is going to happen in office against us, I didn’t want to be on that project, I had no option, I called Dubai’s company and asked about Abhishek, they denied, I learnt he is a fraud, I thought he came to take revenge on me, Raj told me that you are involved in this. Raj says I was happy that Hussain saw us that day. He recalls explaining Manmeet that Bhairav did that. He calls Hussain.

Hussain says that should have not happened there. Raj asks how did you come to the restaurant. Hussain says Abhishek insisted that we go out for lunch. Raj says thanks for the info, I told the name of the restaurant to Murari, dad did this, we will play a game and win. He shows something. FB ends. Bhairav asks did you write her dialogues. Raj says yes, then I acted to accompany you to Delhi. He recalls planning to meet Manmeet in Delhi. Bhairav says she was in Abhishek’s arms. Manmeet says I was conscious. Raj says Choti was with you, she went to office and got the video, she sent that video. Bhairav says fine, where is Abhishek, he is missing, so you are framing Choti and me. Raj calls out. Hussain gets Abhishek there. Bhairav is shocked.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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