Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manmeet saying I used to like Raj’s jokes and fun before, but now we just have fights, really sorry Abhishek, you got between this, I regret that I have risked mine and Anmol’s life, I just feel that. Hussain looks at her surprised. She goes. Bhairav comes to meet Raj. He says pack your bags, we have to go to Delhi. Raj asks why shall I come. Bhairav says you are the MD. Raj says I heard you made Choti the MD. Bhairav says yes, you are the MD right now. Raj says I will ask Manmeet. Bhairav says take her permission and come to your dad’s house. Manmeet says Abhishek, I m really sorry from Raj’s side. He asks what do you think, clients left the project because of the fight, no, your lie has hurt them. Hussain asks him to talk to the clients. Abhishek says if we leave for Delhi, then we can sort it out. Hussain says I have some appointments. She says I will go with Abhishek, fix the meeting, I will go home and inform them, I will see you at the airport.

Abhishek says sure, I will send the ticket. She goes. Nirali asks Bhairav to listen. He asks what happened. She asks when will Raj come. He says he will come today, then we will go to Delhi. Nirali sees Abhishek’s family pic in the wallet. She hides it. She asks him to see what he did, he should value money, how can he throw it down. He says she thinks she is still my wife, she will be poor by mind. Manmeet meets Abhishek at the restaurant. He asks her to have a seat. He says so checkin happened. She says yes, when do we have to meet the partners. He says they messaged they can’t meet us today, we have to stay here tonight, I will talk to them, lets see what comes, I m sorry for yesterday. Manmeet and Abhishek order coffee. He asks won’t you ask me what I did after you left. She says you became CEO in three years, I m sure you are doing well, I will call Raj and explain our situation. He spikes her coffee. He says sorry, I got a call. She drinks the coffee.

Manmeet gets intoxicated. He brings her to the room. He calls her out. He calls Bhairav. Bhairav says yes, we will come to meet. Raj and Bhairav hear Manmeet’s voice. Raj says I think its Manmeet’s voice. Bhairav says yes. They go to see. They see Abhishek and Manmeet together. Raj gets angry. Bhairav stops Raj and takes him. Abhishek checks the door. Raj says Manmeet was with Abhishek, she was saying she is regretting to marry me. Bhairav says you should believe your eyes and ears, heart confuses us, who is this guy. Raj says he is Abhishek, she knows him since 3 years, what is she doing here with him in the same room, we had an argument because of him, she was going to marry him 3 years ago, he is nobody to her, did you know all this, why did you get me here, you knew it right. Bhairav says wow, you sneaked inside and you are asking me now.

He says I hate her. Raj asks what shall we do. Bhairav says when a woman comes in a man’s world, she thinks she is a man, you are a trophy for her, don’t do anything, we will see what she does, we will go to Mumbai now, come, be strong. Abhishek calls out Manmeet. She opens the door. He asks are you fine. She says I have a headache. He says I was trying to call you, I thought you got tired and fell asleep, are you fine. She says I don’t know how long I would have slept it you didn’t knock. He says you came to your room. She says okay, we came for the meeting. He says my partners left for Dubai, they said they will meet us in Mumbai, I will book the tickets. She asks why didn’t you tell me. He says such big decisions happen in the last minute, relax, they are ready to meet us, you freshen you and come, I m in the lobby.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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