Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gulnaz praises Gazal and says you played such a good trick and no one will think about marrying you. Gazal asks her to shut up, I played a big game but Haider still didn’t go against Dua fully. Gulnaz says but you made Hina go against Dua fully, I thought it was impossible but you did it. Gazal says I don’t care about Hina, she couldn’t even save her husband from you so she can’t save anyone, I will enjoy it when Haider and Dua’s relationship breaks, I will separate them soon. Gulnaz says I like this plan. Gazal says I will see what Dua is up to now. Dua knocks on her door so Gulnaz starts panicking. Gazal opens the door so Dua enters there and finds Gulnaz hiding behind the curtain. She asks her to come out. Gulnaz says I was not hiding. Dua glares at Gazal and says I want to talk to you. Gazal cries and says I know you will say I was wrong and that Altaf was innocent? She starts laughing evilly and says my sweet friend Dua.. you really are a fool, Altaf was totally right, that idiot didn’t have the guts to molest me, I framed him in my lies.

Gulnaz is confused. Gazal says Altaf was provoked by me, I questioned his manliness and then challenged him to kiss me and when he tried to then I made it look like he was molesting me.. you must be thinking how Haider came there? he told me that he would come there in 10 minutes. Dua is shocked. Gazal hugs her and says you thought you would throw me out of the house easily? its not that easy. Dua says I am disappointed that I couldn’t see your real face before. Gazal says same here, I didn’t see your real face and took you as my best friend but you lied to me. Dua says what? Gazal says you must be thirty, she asks Gulnaz to bring water for her. She brings it.

Gazal asks Dua to cool down but Dua glares at her. Gazal says what I will say might give you a panic attack so she might need Hina’s pills. Dua asks her to take Hina’s name respectfully. Gazal says respect the woman who called you a liar, raised her hand on you, disregarded your years of care for the family, the woman who chose me over you. Dua says you are taking advantage of her innocence, a dog is more loyal than you. Gazal shouts that you people don’t even deserve a dog’s loyalty. This house is a jungle and you all are animals, you are proud of this family but the real face of this family is that my parents saved Haider’s life but what did Hina gave them in return? She blamed my mother and made a mob kill her brutally.

I don’t even remember my mother’s face, Hina took away my mother when I was just a baby.. She falls down and cries. Dua says my family is innocent, what happened was a misunderstanding and I thought you had forgiven us all. Gazal pushes her away and says it was a sin and they not only took my mother but my father too. Hina hurt my father by not fulfilling her promise so he slept and never woke up. I pray that he is in heaven now. Dua says I can never soothe your pain but I can understand your pain, you are burning in fire of revenge but you will get peace only if you forgive them. Gazal shouts at her to stop it, I will take revenge for my parents. Dua says but God.. Gazal says I don’t need religious preaching from you.

I can forgive this family but Hina and Rahat would have to die. Gulnaz is shocked and says please don’t hurt Rahat, he is innocent. Gazal says fine but Hina has to die. Dua shouts at her to stop it, you are blinded by revenge but Hina loves you like her daughter. I know what happened with you was wrong but if you try to hurt my family then I won’t spare you. Gazal smirks and says you look cute in anger. I still have patience otherwise I would have burned this family.

Dua says you will never get peace even after you get your revenge because your heart is black. Gazal says this family took my peace by killing my mother. Dua says they didn’t kill your mother, Hina tried to save your mother but the mob killed her. Gazal shouts that Hina is responsible for death and she has to pay for her sin. Dua says its God who should decide who should be punished for a sin. Gazal says your family has committed 3 sins, not one. Dua is confused hearing that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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