Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
The doctor tells the family that Dadi will wake up soon, she is okay. Gazal is tensed hearing that. Hina says thank God. Rahat asks when will she wake up? The doctor says we can’t say that but keep her under observation. Haider says we will take care of her. Ruhaan looks at Gazal and thinks why does she look so stressed? Dua says this all happened because of me, I should have been with Dadi. Haider consoles her. Gazal thinks she can’t wake up. Dua sees her and recalls how Noor said Gazal was looking for her. She thinks what if she is behind this? I have to find out. The doctor leaves.

Rahat is worried about Dadi so Haider brings his medicine and says you have to take these on time. Rahat hugs him and says I am worried about Dadi. Haider says don’t worry, we are all with her. He leaves from there. Rahat says I know he loves his father still.

Noor is looking around for her phone. Her phone is stuck in stairs.

Gazal is panicking about the phone. Ruhaan comes there and says you thought I wouldn’t find out? Gazal panics and says what? Ruhaan says I know you are hiding something from me. Gazal thinks what is going on.. she says I am sorry.. Ruhaan hugs her and says don’t hide that you are stressed. Dadi is okay but you are so worried about her. You surprise me every day. Gazal says I am like that. She asks about Dadi. Ruhaan says she hasn’t woken up yet. He asks her to eat something. Gazal says no, I can’t eat when Dadi is like this. She says Dadi wanted to talk to me about our love but she fell before that. She acts like crying so Ruhaan wipes her tears and says lets have dinner together. He asks her to smile, she does and says I will come in a bit. He leaves. Gazal says even Ruhaan saw me tensed so Dua must have doubted me.

Dua tells Haider that Dadi haven’t woken up yet. Haider says don’t worry, she will wake up soon. Dua says I never thought I would see her like this. Haider says I can’t believe how this happened.. how did she fall from stairs? Hina says even I am confused, she never goes on the first floor so why did she go today? Haider says she must have some important work there. Noor says Dadi was looking around for Dua.. she said to send Dua to a secret room. All look on. Haider says what secret room? Noor says I don’t know. Dua thinks she was calling me so she must have wanted to talk about Gazal. Haider asks Dua what secret room is that? Dua says now I understand who is responsible for Dadi’s condition. Gazal panics as Dua goes to her. Dua says Dadi met you before meeting me so what happened between you both? She asks Noor if Dadi was looking for Gazal or not? Noor says yes, she was looking for Gazal first. Dua asks Gazal what happened between you and Dadi? did you push her from the stairs? all look on. Gazal says why would I do that? Dua says Dadi didn’t want you to stay here.. tell us what happened with Dadi? Ruhaan thinks why is Dua always behind Gazal. Dua asks Gazal if she is behind Dadi’s condition? Hina asks Dua to stop it, aren’t you ashamed to blame innocent Gazal?

Dua says why isn’t she speaking up then? Hina says you keep blaming her so she is not answering you anymore. You have left humanity behind.. she is getting married in the family then why would she do that? Dua says I proved that she lied before also. Hina says enough.. don’t say another word against Gazal. Haider says Ami if Dua is blaming her then she must have a reason, she won’t blame her for no reason. He asks Dua why she thinks Gazal pushed her from the stairs? Dua says Dadi met her first and then Dadi wanted to meet me so she must have known something about Dadi but before Dadi could talk to me, she pushed her from the stairs. Gazal says enough, how can you blame me for that? I had no idea about secret room, what if something happened between you and Dadi then you pushed her from the stairs? All are shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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