Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Ruhaan tells Gazal that he loves her too. All look on. Dua tells Dadi that this witch is not going to leave easily. Dadi says she has trapped Ruhaan. Ruhaan tells Gazal that his heart beats for her only, I wish I had confessed to you before instead of confiding into someone else. He glares at Dua and says Gazal will stay here. Gulnaz thinks she won’t let her play with her son. Ruhaan tells Hina that I love Gazal a lot, you have always given me everything so I am begging you for my love today, please accept her for me. Hina hugs him. Gazal smirks and thinks Dua can’t beat me. Gulnaz tells Ruhaan that I am your mother and I will never accept her as my daughter in law.. Rahat asks her to calm down. Gulnaz shouts if this girl gets married to Ruhaan then I will die. I won’t accept this girl, she leaves. Gazal thinks what’s wrong with that Gulnaz? She says I will go and talk to her. Rahat says she will never accept you. Dadi thinks Gulnaz has done the right thing for the first time. Ruhaan says I will marry Gazal at any cost so I don’t care what Gulnaz says. Gazal says we can’t marry against your mother’s wishes.. I am an orphan so she can never accept me.. it will be against this family’s honor. She tells Hina that you can take my life but please don’t be angry with me.. I am begging you for this family’s happiness. Hina gets emotional and hugs her.. she says you are my daughter. Gazal smirks at Dua. Gazal says I just want to talk Gulnaz and try to convince her. She goes from there. Dua tries to talk to Ruhaan but he thanks Hina for accepting Gazal. Haider tells Ruhaan that you should think about consequences.

Scene 2
Gazal comes to Gulnaz and she tries to hit her but Gazal asks her to calm down. She laughs at her. Gulnaz shouts how dare you try to trap my son? stay away from my son.

Dadi tells Dua that Gulnaz will never agree to Gazal and let her use her son. Hina tells Ruhaan that Gazal will convince Gulnaz, don’t worry.

Gazal asks Gulnaz to hear her first. Gulnaz says Ruhaan is innocent but I am not.. I would never accept a shameless and cheap woman like you as my daughter in law. Gazal says yes I am shameless but I am going to be your daughter in law.. you son loves me so calm down. Gulnaz glares at her. Gazal offers her water.

Haider asks Dua if she knew about this? Dua says Ruhaan told me he likes Gazal but I tried to convince him. Haider says you didn’t even talk to me about this? he angrily goes away. Ruhaan asks Rahat if he will be on his side? he loves Gazal. Rahat says I have lost one son’s love so I can’t make my other son against me.

Gulnaz throws water at Gazal. She gets angry and makes her choke on water. She says enough joking around.. listen to me now. Gulnaz says please spare my son otherwise I won’t spare you. Gazal says hear me out first. I am hunting a prey. Gulnaz says you are calling my son as a prey? Gazal slaps her and says not your son.. he is useless and I am eyeing Haider only. Your son will be a weapon to break Dua and Haider’s marriage.

Dua comes to Haider and says we need to talk about this. Haider says that’s why you didn’t even tell me what he wants. He told you about his heart but what did you do? you tried to frame Gazal because you are suddenly against her. Haider goes to Ruhaan and says I am with you.

Gulnaz tells Gazal that my son will be broken when he finds out that you were just using him. I can’t let this happen, get lost. She throws her out of the room. Gazal comes back to the family. Dadi tells Dua that Gulnaz must have thrown her out of the room. All look on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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