Bhagya Lakshmi 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayush telling Sonia that he is Lakshmi’s Chamcha, but she is whose Chamchi, of Malishka. Shalu laughs and comments. Sonia gets up and gets up angrily. Ayush asks her to talk to him. Sonia asks him to keep his jokes to himself. Virender comes there. Ayush says Lakshmi Bhabhi’s marriage talk is going on. Rishi says I will search a diamond for him. Virender says this thing wouldn’t have happened, if you had not done the mistake, I wouldn’t have let you both separate. Lakshmi and Rishi look at each other. Malishka looks on.

Karishma tells that the guy Rishi is searching can’t be found, and till then he will not get her married and she will dance on our heads. Neelam says I am bearing her due to Rishi, but not for much time. Karishma says if he threatens to leave house again. Neelam says I can’t lose my precious son due to her. Malishka asks Neelam if she will marry Rishi or not, as she will tell matchmaker to search guy for her, as Rishi is available for Lakshmi. Neelam says he is just yours. Rishi thinks what more to add? Lakshmi takes his phone and asks where you will find such a guy, and asks if you will get me married or not. Rishi says ofcourse and that’s why I am searching. Lakshmi says where you will find sarvagunn sampann guy. She asks him to get her married to any guy. Rishi says I am searching and will get him. Lakshmi says even if you find but why he will like me. Rishi says when you are best then why he will refuse. Lakshmi says I am a divorcee. He says just on papers and says heart and compatibility matters, and it doesn’t matter how many times a person is married.

Neelam tells Malishka that we all are with you. Karishma says yes. Malishka says Virender uncle, Dadi, Ayush, devika and Ahana don’t want this marriage to happen, but they are helpless. She doubts. Neelam asks her not to doubt her. Malishka says I don’t doubt you, if I am alive then it is because of you and says you are like my mom, and you can’t see me sad. Karishma asks her not to be insecure? Malishka says Rishi cares for Lakshmi and is not leaving her, when our marriage is decided. She says how to bear everything. Karishma says I understand everything and asks her to think positive. She asks her to wait for some more time, and says you love Rishi so much and your love is not drama like Lakshmi, so he will be yours.

Rishi jokes and asks Lakshmi not to argue with him. He asks her to see herself from his sight and tells that you are caring and loving and can do anything for your husband. He then says that whoever marries you, his luck will brighten. He tells that that many guys like caring and loving wife like you and asks her to see that luckiest person for her. He takes her phone and is going. Lakshmi says I was married to you, you got me. Rishi turns to her and signs her to smile. Lakshmi smiles. Song plays….ke tu hi toh…..Lakshmi thinks how to make Rishi understand, and thinks I can’t go from here, else Rishi will leave.

She thinks she don’t want to stay here, and don’t want to get married. Malishka comes to Rishi and asks what is in Lakshmi, if she is Ms. Universe, Ms. World, if she is an angel who is out of the world etc. Rishi says what Lakshmi is….and thinks of her. Malishka asks who is she? Rishi says she is the best girl in the world and there is nobody like her. Malishka asks if I am not beautiful. He says you are beautiful but not unique like her. Malishka says if you are fooling me and says if she was best then she wouldn’t have divorced. He asks if your marriage was not happening with me, then would you have married her again. Rishi is silent and goes. Malishka thinks what to hear.

Ayush asks Shalu what happened, as their relationship is fine. Shalu says I am talking about Jiju and Di. Ayush says this thing will not go for long and then Rishi and Bhabhi will marry. Shalu says but jiju wants to marry Malishka. Ayush says he don’t want to marry her. Malishka hears them. Shalu says jiju really wants to marry malishka. Ayush says due to his mistake.

Lakshmi gets hurt while walking. Rishi lifts her and takes her to room. Shalu says he had divorced her, but he will not marry her again. Ayush says he is sure that nothing had happened between Rishi and Malishka. Shalu says even she is sure, but how to prove this. He goes to drop her home. Malishka thinks they are danger to her. Rishi brings spray to heal her sprain and sprays on her foot. He says I am massaging you, and then you will run. Lakshmi says if anyone sees, then and asks him to go. Rishi says let them see and massages her foot. Karishma gets upset seeing it and thinks she shall treat Lakshmi first.

Abhay asks Kiran what you was doing when Rishi brought Lakshmi home. Kiran says Rishi wants to get Lakshmi married. Abhay asks why? Malishka comes there and says so that Lakshmi can stay with him. She says Lakshmi is not going and tells that she tried so much and was about to commit suicide and says she is markesh dosh in Rishi’s life, which will take my life. Abhay says don’t say this. Malishka says Lakshmi refused to marry Balwinder and Rishi brought her back. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go from her room. Rishi asks why you are shouting at me, and tells that he didn’t come to stay here. He says I can stay here as you couldn’t walk properly. She throws pillow on him. Rishi runs from there.

Malishka tells Abhay that Lakshmi made him mad after her, and tells that Rishi is searching perfect guy who is not yet born. She tells Kiran and Abhay that she might die one day. Kiran says why you will die for someone’s mistake. Malishka says I am very scared, if I will marry Rishi or not. Abhay says we will not drown coming to the seashore. He says Malishka will get the happiness soon, and tells that she has bear so much and has bear his mistake also. He says he will do something. Malishka asks really? Abhay says surely, I will do for my daughter and when I do something, I win. Karishma goes to room and asks if Harry got married. She comes to know that he is not married. She tells that there is an alliance for him and the girl’s name is Lakshmi. She smiles.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to have food and says he will go. Lakshmi tastes the food and says stubborn. Rishi says the same. Sonia asks Karishma what is the plan to throw Lakshmi out. Karishma says you will know tomorrow. Balwinder thinks to get Lakshmi. Lakshmi wakes up and finds her leg tied with Rishi’s leg who is on sofa. She pulls the rope and Rishi falls down and says I will not let you go anywhere. Malishka says who is Lakshmi, she is not the bahu of this house. Ayush says even you are nothing of this house, neither bahu nor beti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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