Katha Ankahee 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Arav prepares for his karate classes. Katha is also dresses up to join him. Arav stops her form coming, her being there would instigate his friends to tease him more. Katha will not help Arav, she does not break her promises. Arav refuses to argue. They both leave for the classes.

Katha, Arav and Viaan were about to cross paths in Karate studio but Viaan got called for another game and changed paths.

Arav enters the arena. his mates taunt him for bringing his mother here. Arav praise their Karate techniques, he asks them to teach him as well. Katha greets the children, tells that Arav told her about their Karate skill. She calls them home to play cricket with Arav, and meet his dog lollipop. Rahul makes Arav his friend, form now no one will hurt him. Arav thanks Katha for helping him. Katha told that sometimes elders need help as well. She sends Arav to his class.

Viaan comes out of the game with his friend. He notices a vibe but leaves. Katha sites on bench watching Arav train. His teacher dismiss class for a break. Arav wants Katha to meet Robin. He calls Robin wanting to meet him. Robin apologizes, he left for early work. He will meet him tomorrow. Katha asks him about Robin. Arav told that he left, he had some work. Katha sends Arav back to his class.

Viaan sits down thinking that universe didn’t forgive him. He was hoping to meet Katha but didn’t.

Katha calls Arav for breakfast. Arav comes out with flowers and chocolates. She question Arav for distributing them among girls, that’s not how she raised him. Arav calls Katha for being dramatic, these are only for one girl. Katha taunts Arav, he isn’t grown enough to have a girlfriend. She lectures him for making friends and special friends, Katha is alright with it but wants Arav to focus on his studies. Arav informs that that girl is very special to him, his heart pounds heavily whenever she is around. Katha suggests Arav to share notes with her but not roses. Arav considers that girl his soulmate. She understands him, excites her more than ice cream. She saves her from class problems and is the only one who knows that monkey gulps his milk with banana in it. Arav gets down to his knees asking Katha not to come in between him and his valentine. He hands Katha the flowers and chocolate.

Katha holds the mirror as Ahsan sets his hair. He is ready to record a video for Earth Con, remembering its founding fathers on 50th anniversary. He questions himself for not spending valentines with a girl. Katha had her valentine, her one and only gifted her roses and chocolates. Ahsan wonders who it was. Katha informs that Arav takes special care of her on valentine to make sure she doesn’t miss Aditya. Ahsan records the video; he thanks his partner and employees. Katha checks the list. Viaan is the only one life, Ahsan doubts him speaking good about his father. Katha wants to give it a try.

She enters his office asking if he decided what to say to her about the party. She asks him to speak. Viaan hesitates to speak, he stands up. Viaan never wanted to say anything to Katha, he asks why he never speaks to him. He is here, embarrassed, and humiliated. Him asking about forgiveness would be stupid. Viaan wants Katha to see him as someone beyond that dark night, he has more to himself. Katha frightens him, he sees his reflection in her and cries for it every night. He is more than just that dark night.

This is him, broken and embarrassed hoping for everything to start fresh. He hopes Katha to forget night, don’t judge him from that dark night but see him as every other person. Jenny calls Viaan. He is shocked to see her. Jenny apologize for disturbing him, he was busy thinking about something. Jenny leaves some files for him to sign. Viaan sits back startled to know that he was imagining Katha. He was happy to know that she looked him in his imagination.

PRECAP: Katha wants to talk to Viaan. He tries to touch her to check if she is real. Katha refuse to drink water. Viaan laughs as she cannot drink because she is not here. Kavita tries to call Reet’s husband. He is busy with another girl.

Update Credit to: Sona

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