Katha Ankahee 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Raghav says to Katha that unconditional love has no end and that it fights all the odds. He also says that he has seen Viaan’s love for her through his poetry. He tries to make Katha understand about true love, but Katha says to Raghav about her being in a helpless state that’s when the latter came to her life. She further says it’s how both her and Aarav’s lives are meant to be, so it’s better to move on. She then says to Raghav that she hope’s he got the answers he want so asks him to focus on their life. Raghav smiles at her.

There, Viaan meets his Earthcon family members. He informs them about his decision to settle in Paris. Also, Ehsan and Vanya will take care of them. Everyone looks sad, so Viaan tries to cheer up them. Jeetu bhai informs him that every day he is going to put his schedule in his cabin like it used to be. Viaan requests Jeetu bhai and others to try to understand his decision, but no one listens and leaves from there. Jeetu bhai stays behind and asks Viaan not to leave. Viaan tells him that he has no other option but that Jeetu bhai tells otherwise then leaves. Viaan requests Ehsan to make Earthcon people understand his decision. Ehsan says to him that he himself isn’t convinced about the decision Viaan has taken. Viaan gets upset.

Here, Aarav comes to meet Katha. He apologises to her for being aggressive and troubling her a lot all this while. He then promises to become her cute Aarav like before. Katha gets emotional. She then says to Aarav that today, their lives are going to change as she is going to get married to Raghav. She says to him that he should be in his best behavior. Aarav assures, but he also asks a promise in return from Katha. He asks Katha to make decisions from her heart, always like how she asked him to. Katha agrees. Aarav gets happy and then leaves. Katha expresses herself the agony of being helpless, so she has to take this decision.

In Raghuvanshi’s house, Viaan tries to cheer up Vanya for being upset with his decision and requests her to accept it. Meanwhile, Vikram and Ruhi get excited about Raghav-Katha’s wedding. Ruhi asks Raghav that Katha and Aarav will stay with them forever, right? Raghav smiles and assures her that they will be with them. Meanwhile, Katha gets ready for her marriage registration with Raghav. She imagines Viaan with her. Here, Viaan gets ready to leave for Paris and imagines Katha by his side. They both imagine dancing with each other but then get upset, realising it’s their imagination.

Later, Katha gets ready with Raghav’s family for the registration, but she receives a call from Ehsan and gets shocked. She recalls Viaan getting hurt in the past, so she gets worried and leaves the place confusing Raghav and his family. She reaches where Ehsan is. She then gets relieved seeing Viaan. She hugs him and inquires whether he is fine or not. Viaan gets confused by Katha’s question. Raghav arrives there. Ehsan apologises to both Katha-Viaan for lying to them. Raghav asks Katha to go with him to marry him, but Katha confesses her love for Viaan. She also says that instead of making Aarav strong, she chose the opposite, but she now realised her mistake. She also expresses her gratitude to Raghav for supporting her at her lowest and also requests him to let her be with Viaan. Everyone gets emotional.

Precap: Raghav gives Viaan’s ring to Katha, and Viaan makes her wear it. Katha tells Aarav that all three of them are a team, so they should express their emotions with each other. Aarav stares at Viaan.

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