Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan tells Katha to trust him as it would not be good for anyone, he questions if she thinks it would bee good for Aarav or this entire family. Viaan turning to Raghav praises him for taking care of his son since he at the time became such a support for his son which should have been his right but he was away since he was in jail, Viaan says Katha considers him as Bhagwan but not a life partner while further informing that she would forget her own life for the happiness of her son, but she is his wife while Aarav is his son, Viaan explains the relation of three of them is very deep while he knows Katha will spend her life with him for her son but she is not able to understand that this family is a relation while she also has a relation with her,

Katha asks Viaan to stop asking him to look around as this family belongs to her and Aarav so he cannot just come here and say everything, Katha says that for her and Raghav their priority is their children and nothing from her past will affect her present while she has promised to make a secure life for both Ruhi and Aarav so if he knows her then would realize she will not break it., Viaan says she even promised to love him and her tears are revealing the truth, he says he has not come to break her house or force her as she can do what she desires but is just going to say that she should think clearly for once that Aarav would lose his father the second time in his life and she is also losing her love, he says she can start a new life but must see what she is going to sacrifice. Katha says Viaan is disrespecting her family and she cannot understand how to explain that she has moved on in her life and nothing can be the same as it was in the past, she requests him so Viaan gets furious.

Aarav tells Ruhi he did not even see his Adi papa who died when he was very young but then Robin came into his life when he did not even know his mother, so everything was going perfectly but then he found about Robin and his mother after which they were about to get married and all of them were going to be a family but on a wedding day he found the truth about Robin who hurt his mother, Aarav says he trusted Robin so how could he call him papa when he is the one who hurt his mother, Aarav says his mother struggled when he was ill but now when he is also fine. Ruhi says that mom loves Aarav a lot which is why she keeps struggling for her attention, Aarav requests Ruhi to send him far away from their life as he gets angry whenever he sees him, Ruhi assure that their papa would handle everything.

Pari tells Viaan she knows he has suffered a lot but what is the problem of Raghav in this when Vikram explains that the mother of Ruhi left him and did not let them know that he is also hurt but now when he is finally able to get some happiness then Viaan has come to take back the right of his love. Raghav says that it was all written in destiny as he even got hurt and suffered the pain, Raghav says he knows they both donot lie, he tells katha knows they would come together for children and she needed time but not anymore as her past has come in front of her so she must be honest as he wants to find out what she desires, katha says her happiness is in taking care of Ruhi and Aarav hearing which Viaan is shocked.

Aarav tells Ruhi that Nikhil would really tease him in the camp but did not listen to his warning so he one day locked Nikhil in the store room and he got a fever so Aarav says he does not know what to do, Ruhi informs that the mind stops working in anger but it is all their secret so he must stop worrying about it.

Ahsan and Teji also come with Vanya seeing whom katha is shocked, Teji apologizes to Raghav for whatever he found out today as what would he be thinking about them all, Pari tells Teji they all came to her house but she did not say anything and acted as if she is not aware of the truth so does anyone do it, Teji says it was not in her hands to tell the truth because they were all waiting for the right moment but being honest it is not in their hands, Viaan apologizes saying that they all would be thinking it is wrong but he knows Katha still loves him while Aarav is also furious with him so he can handle it, Viaan knows that it is wrong with Raghav but had he realized she does not love him so would have walked out of her life, Viaan pleads with katha that she loves him however she is just standing there quietly while he requests her to say something, katha says that there was life which no one knew about because she was fighting, but now her life is open because everyone knows the truth about her, katha says she believed that love happens just once and it left her but then love returned to her saying she should look towards Viaan which is love but she kept getting scared as she was not alone and there was Aarav but it is magical as Aarav even fell in love with Viaan and the truth is that the three of them are made for each other but fate is also something while their incomplete stories become Katha which they always remember and so katha tells him that if they come together then it would seem like deception as a lot of people are attached to them and she cannot break their heart, Viaan asks if she would break him, she says she would tell him the truth which will always keep him together. Katha says she only loves him and would always but he must promise her as they have suffered a lot and should do it once more for everyone, Viaan says he would die when katha asks him to think about Aarav after which he would win, Viaan says even katha would not be able to live when she replies she has stopped living for herself, he asks her to say something and not let him go but she forces him to accept it and exclaims her feelings for him. Katha realizes it is a dream questioning what did she ask for in life love which she asked from Adi but he left and then even Viaan left so what can she do. Raghav asks Katha if she is fine, she is very tensed when even Ahsan is worried for her. Katha says she is not fine and she was never fine but kept acting for so many years just to show the world that she is fine when in reality she always felt suffocated but did everything with a smile on her face so now she is tired of making all the sacrifices. Katha says when she looks in the eyes of Raghav she feels he believes she would always make the right choice while looking in the eyes of Viaan she feels he thinks she would never do anything wrong with him so she is tired and not able to understand what to do right now. Katha tells Teji how can she be tired as she is a women and they are always expected to make the sacrifices for their children, families and even the man but she says that she would always keep saying that the love of herself and Viaan ruined everything so what is the need to search for any answer, she even asks Viaan to stop fighting because the person for whom he is fighting has accepted defeat, she cannot do it anymore so he should also stop. Teji and Vanya are both emotional while Ahsan is also distressed, Raghav asks both Pari and Vikram to go to the children as they need the support, Viaan asks if this is a dream when he says it is a very bad dream and it has gotten very dark, Ahsan comes to Viaan but he is not able to control his emotions so hugs him while still in disbelief that something like this can happen to him, Raghav is not able to understand what to do.

Precap: Viaan leaves with everyone while in his room says he would never meet Katha and go so far away that she would never be able to find him, Raghav tells Katha that they should indeed move ahead in their life and get married, katha is still tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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