Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Shaurya informs Nidhi that his father got the jacket tested after which he found out that ti contained gun powder and he was the one behind it all, Nidhi is stunned. Shaurya says while he was busy being scolded they were talking of his Roka with Shanaya so he could not say anything because Dad reacts on everything he says and he was just thinking it is just a Roka but not the wedding. Nidhi says that she does not like that girl and if he has decided to perform the Roka then she would also have to act as if she likes the girl, Shaurya stops her saying she can act a bit for him so she says she can do anything for him when he hugs her but Nidhi is tensed.

Gurpreet is looking when Preeta brings out of the Lehanga so she asks him which would look nice when he says how can he tell when he does not wear any, Preeta says she is asking for Palki so Rajveer is staring at a dress when preeta explains the golden lehanga would look very nice with the color of Palki but then Rajveer says he meant the pink one when she agrees but then Rajveer turns to the other lehanga when Preeta says she can do it herself so explains that she would decorate it and does not know why she feels she has done it before, she asks him to bring the fresh flowers from the Dadar market and she has already taken out the lights. Preeta asks what should they give to Shanaya when Rajveer asks the reason so Preeta explains Gurpreet might not have told her but she also accepted Shaurya as her own son so would surely bring a dress for Shanaya. Preeta is very excited while sitting with Gurpreet, Rajveer is worried thinking that he forgot tomorrow is also the Roka of Shaurya so the entire Luthra family would be present there.

Karan is in his room when he calls Nidhi telling her how she knows that if Rishab is not attending the office then he does whatever he can to fulfill all of the responsibilities of the office, Nidhi asks why is he asking her, Karan questions then why is she not fulfilling her responsibilities because Shauyra is getting out of hand and she is the one who claims to be the mother but is not fulfilling any of the things she has to do, he asks her to tell the truth if she can share the responsibilities because he can handle everything on his own, he informs that tomorrow at 2 pm they have to attend the Roka of Rajveer and palki while at 5pm there is the Roka of Shaurya and Shanaya so he leaves saying that she must handle everything, Nidhi gets worried thinking they have to go to the house of Rjaveer where his mother would also be present and the Luthra family would find out that Rjaveer is actually the Rudra of the Luthra family.

Rajveer tells Mohit he cannot understand it because the entire Luthra family would be present to his house and he does not know what to do, Mohit says he has an idea that Rajveer should tell the entire truth to the Luthras that he is the son of Preeta because if the Luthra’s are unaware then they would ask a lot of questions from preeta that why was she not here if she is present in the city. Rajveer says that this is actually a very good idea when Mohit replies he knows it, Rajveer gets furious at him when Mohit hugs him assuring everything would be fine.

Kavya is with kritika and Karina when Rishab comes and is amazed to see their preparations, he asks if they forgot that they first have to go to the Roka of Palki and Rjaveer. Kritika replies she is very tensed as there is still a lot of work when Karina says she is talking as if she will do all the work, kavya asks Kritika to not be worried as Badi mom would handle everything, Karina says Kavya is talking as if she does not do anything, Kavya goes to hug her saying this is not what she meant, she says she knows Karina is the strength of this house but Karina asks Kavya to not say this to her however Rishab hugs her saying they genuinely love her a lot. Karan comes down calling to his mother, Karina asks if he wants to tease his mother but karan says that he just wants her to select an outfit for him, kavya replies that they have selected it but Karan says there are two functions when Kavya informs that they all are going with him, Kritika explains since Rajveer calls him bua then she is going to the event, Karan tells Rishab he is going to act as if he is really angry with him while there is also a Roka at his own house but then he will surprise him however Rishab says that he is just a child but karan says that Rajveer has also teased him a lot and today is his Roka day so it would be very good to surprise him.

Sandy is in his room sleeping when someone is constantly banging on his door so he gets up when he sees Shaurya, the worker says that he stopped him a lot but he did not listen when Sandy says that Shaurya is like his brother, Shaurya warns the worker to not even think about stopping him again otherwise he would beat him but the worker leaves apologizing when Shaurya says he should know his limits. Shaurya sits down in the room of Sandy who asks why is his mood so off, Shaurya replies he is not able to sleep even after drinking five cans of beer, Sandy asks if Shaurya wants him to sing a song but Shaurya asks if Sandy is still under the influence of the drugs but he cannot wait as he needs to get hold of those drugs so he gets arrested, Sandy asks who does Shaurya have problem with either Rjaveer or palki when Shaurya replies both but mainly Rajveer since it is because of him that his after keeps scolding him so he has to send Rajveer away.

Palki while preparing is thinking about when Rajveer expressed his feelings to her, she sees Shanaya thinking how she will send her workers to purchase the vegetables in this car, Daljeet brings the Chunri when Shanaya asks her how did she like the dress but Daljeet explains she would go to purchase vegetables in it but would need a bigger car for them all, Shanaya hugs Daljeet mentioning this is what she was thinking but she would get both the cars for her after six months while she will first purchase one for herself, Daljeet asks how is she liking the Chunri when Shanaya says that from tomorrow she will get Shaurya. Palki asks if Shanaya actually loves Shaurya, Shanaya questions what sort of question is this as they both donot like it, Daljeet asks what does she mean when palki says she meant herself and Rajveer. Daljeet warns palki to not think of marrying Rajveer because she only said yes to the Roka so that Shanaya gets married to Shaurya and she knows her mother who would surely get her married to a wealthy person, Shanaya agrees with her mother but Daljeet says she would surely make palki understand it and then she asks Shanaya to get some sleep so she should look beautiful, Palki is stunned and crying after hearing what Daljeet just said to her.

Arohi is sleeping when she hears someone knocking on her door, she wakes up but gets worried thinking who would have come so late at night so she gets up to check, Nidhi is standing there and enters in a state of tension, Arohi asks what happened when Nidhi replies it would happen because Preeta has become her bad dream but Arohi asks her to calm down, Nidhi says tomorrow is the Roka of Rajveer an the entire Luthra family is going there, Arohi also gets worried so says they both would come face to face after which the Luthra’s would find out he is not only their employee but also their son, Nidhi replies this is what she cannot understand because then Karan would ask her to leave while Preeta also suspects she is the reason behind Shristhi going into coma. Arohi asks Nidhi what would she do when Nidhi says she wants to ask Arohi who replies she also does not know but then Nidhi leaves saying that she could have kept her phone turned on, Nidhi leaves when Arohi thinks that if Karan reaches the Roka of Karan then even Bhagwan cannot save her.

Shaurya and Sandy are waiting when there is someone at the door so Sandy gets worried saying that it is the police when Shaurya says Sandy has lost his mind while doing drugs, Shaurya opens the door when the friend of Sandy answers saying their work would surely be done, he informs they would get their desired goods at twelve tomorrow but till then there should not be any contact and he gives them an address before leaving, Sandy says they have to wait till tomorrow so Shaurya replies even he heard it and is furious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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