Teri Meri Doriyaann : Angad in Stress ; A Shocker for Sahiba !

Manveer asks Angad if he spoke to Veer. Angad says Veer doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Manveer says he wanted to handle this issue peacefully, his in-laws’ bitter words destroyed Veer’s confidence and their family’s reputation. Angad says the issue started because of Manveer and Gurleen who blew the situation out of proportion. Seerat as usual blames Sahiba for the situation and says she knew about Veer and Keerat from before and hid the truth. Angad says he already spoke to Sahiba about it and she said she didn’t know about it, he trusts her. He says there are more bigger issues than this. Hansraj says his in-laws destroyed their family’s reputation and what is more important than this.

Angad says there are more issues important than this and informs that the diamond he sold turned out to be fake and there is an enquiry on him, officers searched his office premises. Manveer asks why didn’t he inform them about this. Angad says when he came home, they had already started Veer and Keerat’s issue and he couldn’t speak. Akaal says this issue is important to Angad now. Angad requests family not to let their issues leaked outside until they are sorted out. Mysterious man gets a call from his aide who informs about allegations on Angad and start of a path of his destroyal. Man looks at Angad and Sahiba’s pics and shows thumbs down.

Angad feels stressed. Angad sends him a funny message and calms him down. She them makes him rest. Mannat barges into Brar Mansion and calls Sunny Sood. Guards try to stop her, but she threatens them with a tiny pocket knife. Angad and Sahiba rush out towards door. Family also gathers and asks who is shouting. Sahiba says it must be Mannat and they all rush out. Mannat calls Angad as Sunny and says guards are not letting her meet him. Angad warns her to stay away from him. He takes knife from her and gives it to guards. Hanraj asks Inder if he has another son resembling Angad.

Sahiba warns Mannat to stay away from her husband. Mannat refuses to believe that he is Angad and continues to express her love for him. Drama continues. Yash and Parth drive in. Parth apologizes Brars and asks Mannat why did she come here in lieu of going to cafe. Mannat says she came for Sunny. Sahiba asks Parth to control his sister as she has lost her mind. Mannat says Sahiba wants to prove her insane to snatch Sunny from her and she visited her at Yash’s house for the same. Angad scolds Sahiba for visiting Mannat. Sahiba says she can explain, she had gone there for Angad’s sake. Mannat says Sahiba was trying to prove that Sunny is Angad. Sahiba says it’s a fact. Drama continues…

Precap: Mannat calls Sahiba and says she was eager to meet Sunny, she can come here and meet Sunny. Sahiba reaches Mannat without informing Angad and is shocked to see Angad’s doppelganger Sunny.

Update Credit to: MA

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