Teri Meri Doriyaann : Angad Gets Suspicious of Rumi !

Jasleen tells Brar family that they have to accept the truth that Angad murdered Sahiba and will never be out of jail. Manveer shouts how dare she is to speak ill about her son. Jasleen asks why she is so angry, she is not the only person here who is not accepting truth, police caught Angad red handed with a murder weapon in Sahiba’s room. She says Garry had not murdered Seerat when he was forced leave home and criticizes them for not stopping Garry; she says they called Garry as a fake coin of this house, but Angad turned out to be a biggest fake coin of this house who ruined family’s dignity;

they shall accept that Angad will never be out of jail in his life. Inder warns her to stop talking nonsense as nothing will happen to his son. Seerat asks her to stop comparing Garry with Angad as Garry used to physically and mentally torture her, but Angad respects her. She says she will stand by Angad in his tough times and will make sure he returns to her. Family stands shocked hearing that.

Manveer says this is the difference between Seerat and Sahiba, Sahiba used to fight with Angad, but Seerat fights for Angad; they should accept the truth that Seerat is made for Angad. Japjot says Sahiba never fought with Angad without a reason and proved herself right. Akaal says this is not a time to argue among themselves and think of getting Angad out of jail soon, he is sure Angad is innocent and someone is trapping him. Veer asks who will trap Angad. Inder says tomorrow Angad will be taken to court and hopes he gets a bail tomorrow. Police head Angad towards court.

Reporters tongue lash him for brutally murdering his wife. Inder with Veer walks to Angad and asks him not to bother about the reporters and think about getting bail from court, he should be firm that he didn’t murder Sahiba. Angad says he didn’t kill Sahiba and she is alive. Inder says he has to get out of jail to prove that and they know someone is trapping him. Veer asks who that person must be. Angad recalls Rumi’s obsession for Sahiba and gets suspicious on him.

Sahiba regains consciousness and is shocked to find herself tied in a secluded place. She asks where is she and who brought her here. Rumi walks in singing and describing how much he loves her. Sahiba is shocked to see him. Rumi welcomes her aboard. Police gets Angad into a van and head towards court. Angad thinks if Rumi abducted Sahiba, murdered someone and trapped him. He recalls all the events and Rumi’s obsession for Sahiba. Sahiba reminds Rumi his promise not to return back.

Rumi says he didn’t aboard New York flight at all. Sahiba says he is doing a mistake. Rumi says he is correcting his mistake. Sahiba warns him to stay away from her , dare not take her name with his filthy mouth, he is a monster, etc. Rumi says her voice is so good and asks her to try to understand him. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to and asks him to let her go. Rumi says only incoming is allowed here and no outgoing.

Brars reach court and wait for Angad. Manveer requests Akaal to save Angad somehow as he is being trapped. Akaal says he knows and asks her to have faith on god. Manveer prays god to save her son. Seerat comforts her and says once Angad is freed, they will visit temple with Angad. Ajith walks in with Keerat and says even they are going to Gurdwara to pray for Sahiba,

Angad murdered Sahiba and they are trying to protect Angad, god will never forgive Angad, and he will pray god to give rigorous punishment to Angad. Akaal says he can understand his state of mind. Ajith says he doesn’t know his state of mind, Angad may have murdered Sahiba, but real murderers are Seerat and Akaal; if they had not forced Sahiba to leave the house, Sahiba would have been alive; he will request judge to give justice to Sahiba.

Precap: Angad escapes from police. Rumi asks Sahiba not to take Angad’s name in front of her and please cooperate. Sahiba says she would rather prefer to die than cooperating with him. He shows her knife.
She gets afraid. Angad runs on road calling Sahiba.

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