Sherdil Shergill 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manmeet saying anyone can go to Kuku’s club, I didn’t know you do good standup comedy, you were just brilliant. Raj says no one should know this, I beg you. She asks why, you have amazing talent, you are wasting time in office, believe me, you should focus on your talent and earn name, believe me. Raj worries. She asks why are you worried, will you have ice coffee. She asks him to relax. She says we should follow our passion, maybe the family gets against. He says no, my family regards it a sin.

The ladies see the flowers and gossip. Raj’s mum says I m thinking how my bahu would look. Raj says my dad was in shock after Bhuvan’s death, I falsely swear that I have left comedy, not everyone is like you, you are independent, some people are like me, normal, who is habitual to my dad’s richness and comfort, if dad gets to know that I do comedy, then he will kick me out of the house, I don’t want to hurt him. She asks how long will you lie. Raj says three months more. She asks why. He says there is a world championship in Australia every year, the winner gets 1 million dollar prize money, I want to tell my dad that the world respects comedians also, I m sure that my dad will get convinced.

Raj’s mum and sisters talk about today’s times. Manmeet asks where do you practice. Raj says I practice at office, I don’t want to hurt dad, he doesn’t know. Manmeet smiles. Bhairav is at the construction site. Murari asks him to stop taking more bookings. Bhairav says there are many imp people in the waiting list, we will make more ten floors. Murari says Manmeet won’t agree to this, she said the land can’t give stability to more floors. Bhairav says we will give her sweets. Vidya rushes for emergency. She gives Anmol to Manmeet. Raj says remember what I said. Manmeet says I have an urgent all, can you handle Anmol for an hour, please. She gives Anmol to Raj and goes. She sees Raj handling Anmol. She gets Puneet’s call. Puneet says Gunjan tried to end her life, we were at hospital yesterday, doctor said she is fine now. Manmeet asks what, you should have told me, I would have come. Puneet says she took this step thinking you won’t come. Manmeet asks is she mad, make me talk to her once. She scolds Gunjan.

Gunjan says you also didn’t think of mum and dad, you did what your heart wanted. Manmeet asks what nonsense. Ajeet says we called you to just give the info, he is fine now, we are also fine, okay, I lost one daughter and don’t want to lose another one. Manmeet cries. She sees Anmol’s pic and runs outside. She takes Anmol and asks Raj to just go. He says I can’t understand your mood. He leaves.

Manmeet recalls her moments with Gunjan. She thinks of everything. She says the family has to get back together, I will come, mumma. Manmeet comes somewhere. Raj is with his GF. He gets Manmeet’s call. He says I m at café, not at home, can you come and meet me. She says no, you come and meet me at the construction site. Raj leaves.

Manmeet is waiting. Raj comes. She stumbles. Raj holds her and smiles. He looks at him. He says careful boss, I knew it, you will come to me, was there any emergency, why did you call me here. She asks will you come to Himachal. He asks what’s in Himachal. She says you have to come with me to Shimla for four days only. He asks is there a new project, dad didn’t tell me, what do I have to do. She says you have to become my husband for 4 days. He asks what. She says my husband and Anmol’s dad. He gets shocked. She holds him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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